Turning radius is an important parameter for cars


Each of us was faced with the difficult task of maneuvering in a narrow space - for example, in a shopping center parking lot. The longer the car, the more difficult it is to park. This is why cars with a small turning radius are most useful in cities. In addition to the wheelbase, other factors are important to it.

What affects the turning radius

When turning 360 degrees, each machine “draws” an outer and inner circle. Assuming a clockwise turn, the outer circle is described by the tires on the driver's side and the inner circle by the tires on the right.

Turning radius is an important parameter for cars

When driving in a circle, the turning radius of each vehicle can be determined individually, be it a van or a compact vehicle. The smallest turning radius is equivalent to the largest steering wheel turn allowed by the machine axles. This is important when parking or reversing.


Advantages of a car with a small turning radius

The turning radius can be determined, can be calculated by the formula D = 2 * L / sin. D in this case is the diameter of the circle, L is the wheelbase, and is the angle of rotation of the tires.

Cars with a small turning radius are easier to maneuver than larger vehicles. This is especially true when driving in tight spaces, such as in a city. With a smaller radius, parking is easier as well as driving in hard-to-reach places such as off-roading.

Turning radius is an important parameter for cars

Manufacturers provide information on the so-called turning radius for their vehicles. This is an average of 10 to 12 meters on the road. The radius is highly dependent on the wheelbase.


Limitations for machines with a large radius

In some European countries, such as Germany, according to the law, cars must have a turning radius of no more than 12,5 meters. Otherwise, they will not be registered. The reason for this requirement is the bends and roundabouts that vehicles must pass without hitting curbs.

Turning radius is an important parameter for cars

In other countries, there are no strict restrictions on this parameter. The rules of the road for different regions can only indicate the rule of how to drive in a narrow corner on large vehicles. For example, one of the rules says:

"A turn can start from another part of the lane (if the turning radius of the car is much greater than the width of the road itself), but the driver of the turning vehicle must pass by passing cars to the right of them."

Various requirements apply to trucks, buses and other heavy equipment. Their values ​​are over 12 meters. To cross narrow roads, it is often necessary to enter the oncoming lane so that the rear axle wheels correctly enter the bend and do not drive onto the sidewalk.

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