Toyota Supra engine intake manifold operation (Video)

The owner of Toyota Suprа A80 installed a camera in the engine intake manifold in order to observe in real time on his smartphone what is happening inside. The video of the experiment was published by the Youtube channel Warped Perceptions.

To securely fix the action camera, the enthusiast uses a special retainer, as otherwise the pressure can suck in the camera and the motor can be damaged. The forced filling system operates at a pressure of 1-1,5 bar.

During shooting, Supra moves in different modes - from sharp acceleration and skidding to quiet driving in urban conditions. This is the fault in the throttle record, and an oil leak is visible, foreshadowing imminent engine repair.

Driving with Gopro Inside My Intake Manifold (Toyota On Turbo)

At the beginning of last month, the same blogger showed what happens to a car tire while driving. The video was also filmed with a GoPro camera, but on a Mercedes-Benz E55 A carMG with a capacity of 476 hp.

GoPro Inside a Car Tire (While Driving)


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