Lada production returns to Ukraine

There is information that the Ukrainian car plant ZAZ is preparing for the production of models Lada... There is no official confirmation yet.

The fact that Lada is returning to the Ukrainian market has been known for a relatively long time. The company brought new items, developed a new website. But, probably, this is not all: according to the information of the "Glavkom", the brand cars will be manufactured at the Zaporozhye plant.

The journalists asked a representative of the Ukrainian side for comments. There was no clear answer. The main thing is that there was no refutation. Most likely, negotiations are now underway to resume production, and the parties are afraid to make loud statements.

According to some reports, a test stage of production is already underway. A trial batch of Lada Largus was manufactured at the Zaporozhye plant. If the parties manage to come to an agreement, Vesta and XRay will most likely be manufactured at the production facilities.

Lada production returns to Ukraine Let's remind that after 2014 a rapid decline in the share of Lada in the Ukrainian market began. In 2011, almost 10% of Ukrainians chose the Lada product as a means of transportation. In 2014, this figure dropped to 2%.

In addition, at that time the company lost one of the main "allies" in the Ukrainian market - the Bogdan corporation. The company not only contributed to the popularization of Lada, but also independently manufactured cars.

In 2016, Lada completely lost its competitiveness. A special duty of 14,57% has come into force. It became unprofitable to make and sell cars.

If ZAZ and Lada agree on production, everything should change. We will watch what is happening.



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