The first official photos of the Cadillac Escalade presented

Cadillac's flagship model is likely to move to a new platform. Among the new options, a large screen in the cabin is expected, as well as the ability to choose the front end design from two options.

Unofficial Escalade images were leaked back in December 2019. A few days later, Cadillac posted official footage, but only the interior of the novelty was captured in the pictures. And now, another update from Cadillac: the first reliable footage of the front of the car.

The novelty will be presented to the public on February 4. The presentation will be held in Hollywood. As part of the event, the automaker will showcase the short film Anthem, directed by Oscar-winning director Spike Lee. On the published pictures, the emphasis is on it. The new Escalade acts as an intriguing set. Most likely, the picture will be dedicated to the updated Escalade.

The official images show a difference from the spy photos uploaded in December. For example, the grille in the previous frames was shaded. Official photos show chrome stripes. There are no vertical headlights. The manufacturer said that the car will have a "chip" - a huge 38-inch monitor, powered by organic LEDs.

Most likely, the T1 platform will be used. If the forecast comes true, the car will increase in size. Recall that the current SUV has the following dimensions: length - 5179 mm, wheelbase - 2946 mm. In addition, the use of the new platform implies an independent rear suspension.

According to unconfirmed information, the new product will be equipped with a naturally aspirated gasoline engine V8 6.2. Presumably, the unit will be modernized. Now it “produces” 426 hp.

One of the reasons for the appearance of the new product is the decline in the popularity of the old version. For example, in the States, 2019% fewer copies were sold in 4 than a year earlier. In the Russian market, the old Cadillac Escalade has become a real bestseller, so local motorists will certainly have the opportunity to get a new product.



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