BMW i Vision Future Interaction unveiled at CES 2016

BMW i Vision Future Interaction unveiled at CES 2016

Open i8 Concept Spyder showcases futuristic cockpit

Based BMW i8 Concept Spyder, BMW unveiled the concept of autonomous driving and digital networking at CES in Las Vegas.

21-inch panoramic display in BMW i Vision Future Interaction

Typical for BMW is the arrangement of the driver's controls, and even when manually operated, BMW allows passengers to feel as comfortable as possible. By the way, the high-resolution color display constantly displays the current state of the situation, and the interactive interaction between the driver and the car is as intuitive as possible.

As a key control element, the Bavarian company includes in BMW i Vision Future Interaction not only a head-up display, but also a combined instrument cluster with a 3D display and a XNUMX-inch panoramic display that covers almost the entire width of the car.

As usual, the driver receives all information about speed, speed limits or directions on the head-up display. The three-dimensional cockpit shows speed, mileage and fuel consumption, as well as information about vehicles ahead and ahead that are not yet in the driver's field of vision. At the same time, BMW wants to inform the driver about the situation on the road as early as possible so that he can take control of the automatic mode as soon as possible, at least within 3-5 seconds.

The highlight of CES studios is the panoramic screen. Despite its impressive dimensions - a 21-inch screen, 40 cm wide and 11 cm high, it fits into the familiar i8 dashboard. Even when downloading, you can see the exterior elements of the BMW or BMW App. Depending on the selected driving mode, the driver can only select video or audio calls. Of course, studios have unlimited internet access at all times, as well as access to email and other applications.

AirTouch gesture control

As a special innovation in the area of ​​entity management, BMW has introduced the new AirTouch system on the large screen. This allows you to control with gestures without touching the display. Sensors on the dashboard respond to hand movements. There is another option, the AirTouch button on the steering wheel and, accordingly, for the passenger to the driver on the thresholds. It can be used to select programs or change settings. The passenger can gesture with one hand and simultaneously browse the menu, which, among other things, has a mosaic appearance and additionally offers control steps so as not to be distracted. In addition, BMW i Vision Future Interaction has touch surfaces on the center console that are hidden under the skin, but react to touch, touch and stroking.

Pure-Drive: Driving without assistance

In manual driving mode, the panoramic display only shows the most important information so as not to distract the driver. This is accompanied by a reduction in maintenance items. BMW i Vision Future Interaction has a left-hand drive mode switch. With its help, the driver controls various modes. In the Pure Drive program, the support systems are passive and do not interfere with the driving process, the driver only receives warnings. When assist mode is active, the vehicle is fully connected to the network. We can say that the system calculates the best route in real time and displays it in the navigation system. For example, if there is a danger of a rear collision or obstacles in the way, the emergency brake is applied.

In automatic mode, the car switches completely to automatic steering: it automatically turns, stops and accelerates. In this case, the cockpit is illuminated in blue, the steering wheel is retracted, and the seats are converted into loungers - when the red light comes on, the driver must regain control.

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