Technical inspection rules - old cars to the scrap!

The other day, the cabinet of ministers presented a new draft law... It concerns changes in the operation of vehicles in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, as well as European standards. The Ministry of Infrastructure provided this information for brainstorming. All motorists, as well as caring people, can propose changes and proposals to this law until 26.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Which cars does this law apply to?

Technical inspection rules - old cars to the scrap!

At the moment, only commercial vehicles fall under the category of mandatory technical inspection. However, very soon the suitability of all vehicles that are involved in movement on the roads of Ukraine will be checked. Depending on the type of body, auto testing is planned to be carried out at different intervals:

  • After 4 years of leaving the assembly line, and then every 2 years - cars;
  • Every year - taxis, specialized vehicles and mobile homes;
  • Every six months - buses with more than eight passenger seats, not including the driver. Transport that carries dangerous goods;
  • After 4 years from release, and then every 2 - trucks weighing up to 3,5 tons inclusive; Trucks weighing more than 3,5 tons will be inspected every year.
  • Every two years - motorcycles, tractors.
Technical inspection rules - old cars to the scrap!

The category that does not fall under the mandatory inspection of specialized service stations includes: diplomatic vehicles, vehicles with a cruising speed of no more than 25 km / h; car internal combustion engine, which does not exceed 50 cc; tractors and circus vehicles not exceeding a speed of 40 km / h; collectible retro cars that do not participate in road traffic; sports cars used exclusively in competitions.



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