Damaged Engine Head - Repair, Cost and Application


If you want to know what a cylinder head is and what its applications are, you should read the article we have prepared. You will learn what an engine head is used for and what types we distinguish. We also explain what to do in case of problems with the head!

Engine head - what is it?

A car engine is made up of many components that affect its performance. Contrary to appearances, the head is an inconspicuous fragment that has a huge impact on the performance of the car. It is located at the top of the engine and closes the combustion chamber.. Often it is also a housing for the timing and valves. In the head itself, you can find many oil and cooling channels, as well as various types of sensors, for example. oil pressure and coolant temperature. It is connected to the engine block with bolts, and between them there is a cylinder head gasket.

What is the engine head for?

The main task of the cylinder head is to provide the appropriate conditions for the combustion of fuel. To do this, it closes the combustion chamber and serves as the housing of the gas distribution mechanism. The head also serves as the housing of the gas distribution mechanism. As a result, we can say that it is an absolutely necessary element for the correct functioning of the engine.

Cast iron head and aluminum head - differences

Currently, there are two types of heads: cast iron and aluminum. Despite similar functions, they differ in their properties and characteristics. Most often, we can find heads made of less durable aluminum. All thanks to better thermal conductivity, due to which it is quickly released into the atmosphere. In addition, in this case, the motor has a lower density and better casting properties. Aluminum heads are also recyclable, making repair costs lower than cast iron heads.

Cast iron heads are much more durable because cast iron is much harder to damage. However, at the time of failure, you must consider the higher costs.. A new head riser is needed, as well as welding and milling processes at high temperatures.

Head injury - what to do in case of failure?

The most common problem associated with the engine head is the failure of the gasket, which occurs during sudden temperature changes in case of overheating of the drive unit, as well as during a long stop in the cold. As a result, incorrect pressure is created in the combustion chamber, which leads to failure of the cylinder head and adjacent components.

A frequent cause of failure of the engine head is also a long drive in low gears, prolonged loading of the car and engine and driving at maximum speed. Overheating of the cylinder head is dangerous because it can break the timing drive, crack the jumper between the intake and exhaust valves, crack the swirl chamber, jam pistons or bearings. Often the cause of overheating of the drive is improper installation of the cylinder head gasket or HBO system. The condition of the cooling system is also important.

How much does an engine head repair cost?

Engine head repairs are not cheap. The average cost of replacing a gasket together with repair and regeneration of the head is from 130 euros. However, this depends on the power of the drive. In such cases, the repair price can even exceed 200 euros.

You already know what a cylinder head is and what it is for. Motor heads perform many important functions and it is worth taking care of their condition. For this reason, avoid driving with too low a gear ratio, watch for coolant losses and check the coolant temperature.

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