Porsche conducts its own emission study

The focus is on the possible reduction of emissions from gasoline engines. German car manufacturer Porsche, a Volkswagen Group member, has been conducting an internal investigation since June, focusing on possible manipulations to reduce emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles.

Porsche has already notified the German prosecutor's office, the German Federal Automobile Service (KBA) and the US authorities about possible manipulations with devices and software on their gasoline engines. The German media reports that these are engines produced from 2008 to 2013, installed on the Panamera and 911 models. Porsche admitted that some of the problems were found during an internal investigation, but did not provide details, only noting that the problem does not apply to the cars currently being produced.

Several years ago, Porsche, like many other automakers, found itself at the center of a so-called diesel investigation. Last year, the German authorities fined the company 535 million euros. Now we are not talking about diesels, but about gasoline engines.



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