Misted glass in a car is a common occurrence during cold weather or when it rains. Usually in such situations, the driver always has a small rag on hand. And some do not even stop the car to wipe the fogged windows. 

Why does a glass in a car fog up with a drop in air temperature? What can be done to make this situation less common? How to clean windows from fogging? This article is devoted to these issues.

Reasons for fogging windows in the car


In fact, window fogging in the car occurs for one single reason - an increased level of humidity in the cabin. It can appear for natural reasons. Here are some of them.

  • In winter and late autumn, the temperature in the car is higher than on the street. A dew point forms on the glass, and condensation appears on its surface.
  • In rainy times, moisture accumulates in the cabin due to wet shoes, rugs and clothes.
  • Heavy fog is the same rain. Moreover, it is so small that moisture penetrates into the most hidden corners of the car along with air.
  • A large number of passengers in a cool cabin.

Some fog malfunctions also cause windows to fog.

  • Damage to the ventilation system dampers.
  • Old cabin filter.
  • Air recirculation sensor malfunction.

Wet floor mats


Few pay attention to this cause of fogging. Especially if the car uses long-pile textile rugs. In this case, the moisture they absorbed cannot be seen at all.

The included stove will fix the situation for a while. However, in a warm cabin, the water accumulated in the mat begins to evaporate, and will still settle as a condensate on the windows. Therefore, the driver must ensure that the floor mats are dry.

The cabin filter is to blame


Another common reason for the appearance of perspiration on the inside of the windows is the old cabin filter. If its pores are clogged with dust and dirt, this will interfere with air circulation.

In this case, even the switched-on motor of the stove will correct the situation only for a while, since the clogged filter element becomes like a closed damper. Because of this, fresh air does not enter the cabin, but only the humid one that is inside the car circulates.

What should I do if the car's windows are sweating?


If the car is sweating, the driver must do the following:

  1. check cabin filter;
  2. properly use the heating and ventilation system;
  3. prevent moisture from entering the interior.

Replace the cabin air filter

Most car manufacturers recommend changing this filter every 10 km. mileage. But the driver himself must understand that this is only a recommendation. For example, if the car often drives on dusty roads, then this procedure must be performed more often.

Correctly set the ventilation and interior heating


Many people mistakenly think that in winter the interior will heat up faster if the stove flap is closed and fresh air does not enter. This is actually not the case. Warm air takes longer to warm up and higher temperatures.

In freezing weather, the outside air is dry, therefore, when warming up the car, the driver must provide an influx of fresh air. This will remove moisture from the car and the interior will heat up faster.

How ventilation works in the car, see the video:

Moisture penetration into the interior

During the operation of the car, moisture will inevitably accumulate in it. Therefore, at least twice a year, the car must be aired.

To do this, in sunny weather, open all the doors, trunk and hood. Carpets and seat covers are removed from the interior. Everything that lies in it, including the spare wheel, is taken out of the trunk. Leaving the car like this for at least an hour, the driver will completely remove the accumulated moisture.

Why windows in the car sweat and how to fix it

During seasonal servicing of the car, attention should be paid to window and door seals. Over time, rubber products lose their elasticity, and cease to protect the machine from moisture. Particular attention must be paid to the boot lid. If a dirty coating appears during driving along a dusty road, moisture can penetrate just as well.

Use regular sponges and wipes


Some motorists in the glove compartment keep a pack of wet wipes in order to wipe the dust on the plastic elements of the cabin. So they themselves contribute to increased humidity inside the machine.

For local cleaning, it is better to use a special dry car rag. It is made of microfiber. This material perfectly removes dust without leaving a streak. It’s easy to clean such a rag - just shake it out on the street.

Methods for cleaning glass from fogging


No matter how modern and well-groomed the car may be, sooner or later the windows in it will still fog up. This is a natural process, especially when the street is at a high level of humidity.

Here's what you can do to quickly remove perspiration from windows.

  • Rear window. To clean it, when the engine warms up, you must immediately turn on the rear window heating. It will dry in just a couple of minutes while the car is standing.
  • Side windows. To clean it, just lower them and raise them. Window sealing gums will do the trick.
  • Windshield. While the car is standing, you must turn on the air conditioning. This device does not just cool the air, but removes excess moisture from it. It makes no sense to turn on the heating when the engine is cold, since the stove heats the air due to the temperature of the heating radiator. It, in turn, is heated by the engine coolant.

If the machine is not equipped with air conditioning, rear window heating and electric windows, simple tools will come to the rescue. The driver can use ordinary paper kitchen towels. They absorb moisture well and are inexpensive.

In rainy times, fogging of the windows can occur while the car is moving. To fix the problem, just slightly open the side window. So moisture will leave the cabin and an influx of fresh air will be provided.

Some use anti-fogging agents that prevent condensation from forming on the glass. Here's a little trick how to save on the purchase of such funds:

ANTI-DRYER - FOR KOPEKI! Glass sweat in the car, what to do?

And the most important! Do not wipe misted windows while riding. Distracting from driving the car (even for a couple of seconds), the driver puts himself and his passengers at risk.

Questions and answers:

What to do to avoid sweating car windows in the rain? It is necessary to ensure the minimum ingress of moisture into the interior. Wet raincoat, umbrella, etc. it is better to put it in the trunk so that the upholstery or seat does not absorb moisture.

What helps with fogging windows? Special film, dry cabin filter, windshield blowing, ajar windows. Helps to temporarily eliminate fogging dry microfiber.

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