The model, released in 2020, will receive an updated multimedia system and small changes in design.

Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars in the world. The public has already seen 12 generations of this car. The latest variation appeared on the Russian market in February 2020. And now, a year later, the manufacturer announced the release of an updated car. The package of changes cannot be called large-scale, but the very fact of the introduction of adjustments indicates dissatisfaction with sales volumes.

The most significant change is the introduction of a new multimedia system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is equipped with medium-sized cars and above.

If we talk about design aspects, the manufacturer added new color palettes: “red metallic” and “beige metallic”. For the first option you will have to pay 25,5 thousand rubles, for the second - 17 thousand. Top-end Toyota Corolla configurations will receive a chrome molding located near the side windows, as well as tinted rear windows.

The changes did not affect the engine. Recall that the car is equipped with a 1,6-liter engine with a capacity of 122 horsepower. The unit is paired with a stepless gearbox or 6-speed “mechanics”. In the first case, the maximum speed of the car is 185 km / h, acceleration to “hundreds” takes 10,8 seconds. When using a manual gearbox, the maximum speed indicator rises to 195 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h takes 11 seconds.


According to the official report of the manufacturer, sales of Toyota Corolla in 2019 decreased by 10% compared to the previous year. The release of an updated model is a way to regain former market positions.

Cars coming from the assembly line of the Turkish Toyota plant are entering the Russian market. For example, other cars are being released to the US and Japan markets, however, there are no cardinal changes between the copies.



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