The story of American Brian Murphy went public in February. This person works for a supply company and has spent 2007 hours a day driving his pickup truck since 13. Nissan Frontier (American equivalent of the previous generation Nissan Navara).

During this period, the car traveled more than a million miles (1,6 million kilometers) on US roads and rarely got into service for major repairs. Murphy reveals that on a 450-mile run (almost 000 km) he changed the radiator and 725 miles the timing belt, not because it was worn out, but for his own peace of mind.

The clutch of the pickup with the 5-speed manual transmission was replaced after reaching the 800 mile mark.
Nissan has decided that the hard-working and reliable car should become the property of the company, and now this Frontier is returning home to the factory in Smyrna, Texas, where it is assembled. The pickup will be shown to new hires so they know what product quality they need to achieve.

Its current owner gets a brand new Nissan Frontier, which is almost exactly the same, but with a new engine - a 3,8-liter V6 producing over 300 hp. Brian Murphy will also have to get used to the new drivetrain and drive system. Its veteran had rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission, while the new pickup has a 9-speed automatic and two-axle transmission.



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