1. General provisions
  2. Obligations and rights of drivers of motor vehicles
  3. Traffic vehicles with special signals
  4. Duties and rights of pedestrians
  5. Obligations and rights of passengers
  6. Requirements for cyclists
  7. Requirements for persons driving horse-drawn vehicles and animal drivers
  8. Traffic regulation
  9. Warning signals
  10. Start of movement and change of direction
  11. Location of vehicles on the road
  12. Traveling speed
  13. Distance, Interval, Oncoming
  14. Overtaking
  15. Stop and Parking
  16. Crossing directions
  17. Benefits of Shuttle Vehicles
  18. Crosswalks and vehicle stops
  19. Using external light fixtures
  20. Traffic through level crossings
  21. Transportation of passengers
  22. Shipping
  23. Towing and operation of vehicles
  24. Training ride
  25. The movement of vehicles in columns
  26. Residential and pedestrian traffic
  27. Driving on highways and roads for cars
  28. Driving on mountain roads and on steep descents
  29. International movement
  30. License plates, identification marks, inscriptions and signs
  31. Technical condition of vehicles and their equipment
  32. Selected traffic issues that require coordination
  33. Road signs
  34. Road marking
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