Traffic rules of Russia

1. SDA RF. General Provisions

2. General obligations of drivers

3. Application of special signals

4. Responsibilities of pedestrians

5. Obligations of passengers

6. Traffic lights and traffic signals

7. Application of alarm and warning triangle

8. Start of movement, maneuvering

9. Location of vehicles on the roadway

10. Travel speed

11. Overtaking, advancing, oncoming passing

12. Stopping and parking

13. Crossroads

14. Pedestrian crossings and stops of route vehicles

15. Movement through railway tracks

16. Traffic on highways

17. Movement in residential areas

18. Priority of route vehicles

19. Using external lights and sound signals

20. Towing of motor vehicles

21. Training ride

22. Transportation of people

23. Cargo transportation

24. Additional traffic requirements for cyclists and moped drivers

25. Additional requirements for the movement of horse-drawn carts, as well as for driving animals

26. Time limits for driving and rest

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