P0122 Throttle Position Sensor / Switch A Circuit Low Input


P0122 Throttle Position Sensor / Switch A Circuit Low Input

OBD-II DTC Datasheet

Low input signal in the throttle position sensor / switch A circuit

What does P0122 mean?

This Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is a generic transmission code and applies to many OBD-II vehicles (1996 and newer). This may include, but is not limited to, Honda, Jeep, Toyota, VW, Chevy, Ford, etc. Despite the general nature, the exact repair steps may vary depending on the model year, make, model and transmission configuration.

The P0122 code means that the vehicle computer has detected that the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) "A" is reporting too low a voltage. On some vehicles, this lower limit is 0.17–0.20 volts (V). In simple terms, the throttle position sensor is used to determine which position the throttle valve is in.

Did you customize during installation? If the signal is less than 17V, the PCM sets this code. This could be an open or short to ground in the signal circuit. Or you may have lost the 5V reference.

For more information on TPS, see What is Throttle Position Sensor?

Example of a Throttle Position Sensor TPS: P0122 Throttle Position Sensor / Switch A Circuit Low Input


Symptoms may include:

  • Rough or low idle
  • Very high idle speed
  • stolling
  • Growing
  • No / slight acceleration

Other symptoms may also be present.


The P0122 code may mean that one or more of the following events have occurred:

  • TPS is not securely attached
  • TPS circuit: short to ground or other wire
  • Defective TPS
  • Damaged computer (PCM)

Possible solutions

Refer to the specific vehicle repair manual for the location of the "A" TPS circuit.

Here are some recommended troubleshooting and repair steps:

  • Thoroughly check the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), wiring connector and wiring for breaks, etc. Repair or replace as necessary
  • Check the voltage at the TPS (see your vehicle's service manual for more information). If the voltage is too low, this indicates a problem. Replace if necessary.
  • In the event of a recent replacement, the TPS may need to be adjusted. On some vehicles, installation instructions require the TPS to be properly aligned or adjusted, refer to your workshop manual for details.
  • If there are no symptoms, the problem may be intermittent, and clearing the code may temporarily fix it. If so, then you should definitely check the wiring to make sure that it is not rubbing against anything, not grounded, etc. The code may return.

TIP: A visitor to our site suggested this tip - the P0122 code can also appear when the TPS does not ROTATE during installation. (The protrusion inside the sensor MUST touch the rotating pins in the throttle body. On a 3.8L GM engine, this means plug it in with the plug 12 o'clock before turning it 9 o'clock to the final mounting position.)

Other TPS Sensor and Circuit DTCs: P0120, P0121, P0123, P0124

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