The optimal temperature in the car in winter - what should it be?


Temperature has a great influence on our well-being, but not only. It also depends on how many mechanisms in the vehicle work. That is why you need to pay attention to the temperature in the car in winter. Do not forget that most substances increase or decrease in volume under the influence of temperature. This means that the machine can start working in severe frosts. What is the optimal temperature in the car in winter in the garage, as well as while driving?

The temperature in the car in winter - take care of your health

It's easy to overdo it in winter. When you enter a vehicle from a frost outside, you just want to warm up as quickly as possible, so you turn on the heating to the maximum. It might be a mistake! The temperature in the car in winter should not cause overheating! This may cause you to get sick more often.. Therefore, special attention must be paid to it. This is very important if you have children with you. 

In addition, high temperatures can promote microbial growth, which can also affect your health. Do not forget that you usually do not take off your jacket or warm sweater in the car, especially if you are driving a short distance. The combination of hot and sweaty body and cold never ends well.

What is the optimal temperature in the car in winter?

The optimum temperature in the car in winter should be around 20-22°C.. The above is not desirable, no matter for summer or winter. Also keep in mind that if you are going to ride in winter, nothing should hinder your movements. 

If you're wearing a thick jacket, it's best to take it off before you move. The same applies to gloves or scarves, which can make it difficult for you to control the steering wheel or shift lever.

Don't forget that your safety is paramount and a brief moment spent removing uncomfortable clothing can literally save your life.

The temperature in the car and the reaction speed of the driver

The temperature in the car in winter is also important for the reaction time of the driver. The higher it is, the more sleepy you can become, which is just dangerous for obvious reasons. 

But that's not all! Studies show that when the temperature inside the car rises to 27 ° C, the reaction speed of the driver decreases by an average of 22%. It's a lot! Such a difference can be crucial when it comes to road safety. Even if your fellow travelers are cold, you should not raise the temperature if it is around 21°C. This will ensure the safety of everyone.

How to ensure the comfort of children?

Parents care about their children is understandable. However, keep in mind that sometimes the actions of adults are not in their favor! The optimal temperature for children is no higher than for their parents. On the other hand! The younger the child, the more important it becomes not to overheat. Therefore, the vehicle in which the baby will move should have a temperature of 19-22 ° C. If you overheat your car, be sure to open the door and wait for it to cool down a bit before your child gets in.

The temperature in the car in winter - take care of the garage

The temperature in the car in winter, when it is in the garage, should also not be too high. Why? A significant temperature difference between a mansion and a garage can adversely affect the mechanisms and accelerate corrosion processes. 

Maintain a positive temperature inside so that your car does not freeze. This will speed up the morning preparation for departure. If you are in the process of preparing the garage, make sure that the temperature in it is 5-16 ° C, no more! This keeps your car running longer, without having to worry about shoveling snow or warming up a frozen engine in the morning. A garage is a luxury worth enjoying!

Therefore, taking care of the correct temperature affects many aspects related to driving a car. Be sure to take care of it, especially in winter!

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