Opel: Panoramic windows

Opel: Panoramic windows

Opel: Panoramic windows

В Astra GTC Opel celebrates the long-awaited return of the panoramic windshield. And if in the current model it "occupies" the territory from the metal roof, then at the premiere 50 years ago, the construction allowed expanding the panoramic view only in the horizontal direction.

The 1957 year old Opel Olympia Rekord P1 frame was moved back, resulting in 92 percent visibility of the surrounding car. This design solution provides a lot of light inside the cab and is considered an additional safety benefit due to its good visibility.

It is an eloquent fact that in just three years Opel managed to sell 800 copies of the Olympia Rekord.

The Astra GTC's panoramic window, by contrast, has an area of ​​1,8 square meters and extends from the front cover to the middle of the ceiling. A 5,5 mm thick armored glass panel creates an unusual atmosphere for travelers.

Unlike other brands, the Astra GTC lacks a harmony-breaking crossbar.




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