Test drive Opel Crossland X: international situation


Meeting with the firstborn of the union between Opel and PSA

In fact, for the Opel Crossland X brand, this is much more than a modern urban crossover. Because this is the first car in which the German company borrowed technology created by its new French owners. And it is quite natural to look at this product with special interest.

Test drive Opel Crossland X: international situation

French equipment in typical Opel design

At first glance, the fact that the Crossland X is almost one hundred percent technological counterpart of the Peugeot 2008 remains completely hidden from view. What is actually quite an impressive achievement is the actual similarities between the two cars.

In terms of body proportions, the Crossland X demonstrates a very interesting combination of stylistic tricks that we know from the new version of the Astra, with some decisions typical of cute little Adam. Outwardly, the car clearly manages to capture the audience, which is already objectively the key to market success in the small crossover segment.

Impressively functional

On the inside, the apparent resemblance to Peugeot is limited to the infotainment system controls and the head-up display extending from the dashboard - all other elements are typical of current Opel models.

Test drive Opel Crossland X: international situation

However, thanks to its French counterpart, the Crossland X's interior boasts two main advantages over most of the competition: the first is functionality as a representative of vans, and the second concerns an impressive array of infotainment features, including even the ability to inductively charge a smartphone. ...

The "furniture" in the cabin is designed in typical van style - which is a very fitting decision considering the fact that the Crossland X is the formal successor to the Meriva. The rear seats are horizontally adjustable by up to 15 cm, while the load compartment volume varies from 410 to 520 liters, and the backrests are adjustable in tilt. Folding the seats in question frees up space with a volume of 1255 liters. The location of the second row is also impressive for the 4,21 meter model.

In terms of chassis tuning, Opel was given the opportunity to bet on the brand's traditional priorities, which, to our delight, makes the suspension much stiffer than in 2008, although the tendency to body wobble is also noticeable in the Crossland X. on poorly maintained roads, and road behavior is more conducive to calm than sporty driving.

Test drive Opel Crossland X: international situation

The 1,2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine is of French origin and with its 110 horsepower and 205 Nm delivers a decent character combined with moderate average fuel consumption.

As for the transmission, there is a choice of a five-speed manual gearbox with extremely precise lever travel and a smooth-running six-speed automatic transmission with torque converter.

The same engine is available in a more powerful version with 130 horsepower, which, however, cannot currently be combined with an automatic. An economical diesel engine has a volume of 1,6 liters and a power of 120 hp.


While the technology is borrowed from its French counterpart Peugeot 2008, the Crossland X is a quintessential Opel - with a practical and functional interior, rich infotainment capabilities and a reasonable price tag. Thanks to the successful SUV design, the positive car will be received by the public much warmer than its predecessor, the Meriva.



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