Washer fluid - which one is for the winter, and which one is for the summer? Check how to choose glass cleaners and car elements?


Since there is no shortage of washer fluids of various brands on the market, choosing the perfect product is not easy. Moreover, the winter washer fluid should be different from the summer one, and each car has a slightly different specificity. It is not easy to find the right fluid that will not freeze at low temperatures and will properly care for your car. However, we will try to describe one of them in the article. Also from the text you will learn where to fill in the washer fluid.

Washer fluid - where to fill?

Windshield washer fluid - right after fuel, of course - is the most frequently replenished substance in a car. Therefore, if you are just buying your first car, you should know where to fill it. Usually the tank in which you can check its level is located directly under the hood of the car. So just open it up and look for the car window symbol and water droplets. Add fluid if the indicator shows its low level. This will also be needed when the washer fluid indicator comes on. Then the product should be poured completely.

How to make washer fluid at home?

What to do when the washer fluid is over and you need to add it? You can try to make it yourself. It's not difficult at all. You will need:

  • 4 liters of demineralized water;
  • a glass of isopropyl alcohol 70%;
  • a spoonful of dishwashing detergent. 

After combining all the ingredients, you can pour the solution into the machine. However, if you care about the condition of your car, it is better to rely on fluids from trusted manufacturers who will take extra care of your vehicle. Treat the homemade option only as a way out of the situation for a sudden reason.

How to defrost washer fluid? What to do if the winter fluid does not work?

If you're surprised by the cold or your winter washer fluid didn't do the job, you'll probably need to defrost it after a night of sub-zero temperatures. Is there a quick fix for this? Not completely. You just need to raise its temperature. However, you cannot do this with the car engine running, as a fine will be imposed for more than a minute. A much better solution may be to take the vehicle to a heated garage, for example, where the substance can liquefy freely.

Windshield washer fluid concentrate, i.e. convenient solution

Buying windshield washer fluid regularly can be tiring, especially if you use a lot of it. Therefore, sometimes it is better to think about buying a concentrate. You can conveniently mix it with water as recommended by the manufacturer. It doesn't hurt to stock up on more. You do not have to worry about water hardness in this case, because this type of professional product usually contains substances that soften it. Thus, hard water will not interfere with the work of the concentrate.

How to drain the liquid from the windows in the car?

With the change of season approaching, it's worth learning how to drain the washer fluid. It is not difficult and will not take you much time. You can do this in three ways:

  • use it up and fill in new fluid;
  • remove the hoses from the low pressure injectors;
  • pull out the container.

 At first, you can simply use it up, and only then fill in a new liquid. It may also be a good idea to pull the hoses out of the sprayers and push the control levers. With significantly less pressure this way, it will be easier for you to get rid of the liquid quickly and efficiently. The last option is to pull out the container, but it is worth remembering that this is usually the most time-consuming method available.

The washer pump is running but fluid is not flowing. What does this mean?

A common problem for drivers is that the washer pump works, but the fluid does not flow. What could it be? Firstly, it may be due to a frozen liquid that needs to be checked to see if it has frozen overnight. Perhaps the problem is in leaky tubes, so they should also be checked. It may also turn out that the washer nozzle is clogged and just needs to be cleaned. Thus, there can be quite a few problems, and if you cannot find the source of the problem, just contact your mechanic.

What should I pay attention to when buying a liquid?

First of all, the washer fluid must have a good composition, thanks to which dust will not settle either on the windshield or on the wiper. Be careful with methanol in certain liquids as it can be hazardous to your health. A good summer washer fluid should not leave streaks, should be effective and economical. The winter version should have similar characteristics, but in addition it cannot freeze, despite low temperatures. So look for substances with the right ingredients and beware of those containing methyl alcohol.

What washer fluid to choose?

It is undeniable that the windshield washer market is constantly changing, so it is difficult to choose the perfect one. It's better to just see what's in the shops. Also try to avoid the cheapest washer fluids, because their quality usually leaves much to be desired. Also, do not buy at gas stations, the prices of which are usually too high. In the case of winter, additionally pay attention to the freezing point of the liquid. As you can see, windshield washer fluid is an essential piece of equipment for every driver. Don't forget to choose the right one and change it for winter and summer. If you follow our buying advice, you should have a very good product on hand. Of course, you also have advice on how to create such a solution yourself, but this is more of a curiosity or something for emergencies.

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