The new Bosch parking aid

The new Bosch parking aid

The new Bosch parking aid

The system recognizes places that are only 80 cm larger than the body itself and inserts the vehicle into the scanned cavity without the need for driver intervention.

New to the Bosch system is its ability to perform maneuvers with more movements. To install it, you need an electric steering system, as well as several additional sensors to measure the distance to a possible obstacle. The system is able to detect an empty parking space in motion at speeds of up to 35 km / h at a distance of 30 to 180 cm from it.

In an operating mode that allows for complex maneuvers, the system can even use spaces that are only 80 cm longer than the car body. Neither the absence of an orientation boundary, nor the signs placed in space, nor the lack of light are an obstacle to work. Bosch parking assistant making its debut in A and B-classes Mercedes, works fully automatically and can be switched off at any time by turning the steering wheel.




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