Second generation sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost slowly continues to reveal its secrets. In the new part of the teasers, the manufacturer talks about the chassis. While the Architecture of Luxury platform makes Ghost look like the "eighth" Phantom, this does not mean literal repetition from a technical point of view. For the Ghost, engineers have created a custom Planar system consisting of three elements. The first is unique. This is the damper for the upper wishbone. The British did not go into details, but claim that the device is located above the front suspension and provides "an even more stable, trouble-free ride."

The flexibility of Rolls-Royce's new architecture makes it easy to add an all-wheel drive and self-steering chassis, the designers said. These details were predicted. But there are also unexpected moments.

Ghost Project Chief Engineer Jonathan Sims explains that simplicity is ideal, but delivering incredibly clean driving is no easy task. The Architecture of Luxury platform does not limit the capabilities of engineers. Almost every Rolls-Royce has its own unique base. The well-known Magic Carpet Ride is redefined here: the Ghost suspension itself took three years to develop.

The second part of the Planar complex is the Flagbearer system, in which cameras take into account the characteristics of the road surface, preparing the suspension for any unevenness. The third part - Satellite Aided Transmission - a program related to satellite navigation. It pre-selects the best gear before turning using accurate maps and GPS readings.

A survey of Gost customers showed that they need a sedan that is pleasant to drive as a passenger, but at the same time it must be a “bright dynamic person” when they want to drive independently. This is why so much attention is paid to the suspension and other chassis components. Overall, as CEO Thorsten Müller-Otvos has already said, the only details carried over from the “first” Ghost to the “second” are the door shutters and the Spirit of Ecstasy hooded figurine.

For the presentation of the new Ghost, the British chose the form of animated photographs, which were made for the brand by the famous British illustrator Charlie Davis. Before the premiere of the car in the fall, the company will add information on the technical part.

Ghost Chief Engineer Jonathan Sims summed it up: “Ghost customers told us what they liked the most. They love its uncomplicated versatility. It's not trying to be a sports car, it's not trying to make its mark - it's just exceptional and uniquely simple. When it came to creating the new Ghost, the engineers had to start from scratch. We have made the car even more dynamic, luxurious and, most importantly, even easier to use. “These goals are in line with Ghost's new design philosophy called Post Opulence. This means simplicity of lines, unassuming decor and ostentatious luxury.

2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost Sedan Planar Chassis - Official Video


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