New patent from Ferrari: the central tunnel on the roof

Ferrari representatives have registered with the patent office a C-shaped tunnel located in the center of the roof. It is designed to strengthen the top, acting as an additional stiffener.

The idea to use such a tunnel came from Formula 1. He is already present in the cars. The bottom line is this: a structural rib runs along the center of the car roof. The tunnel literally splits the car in half.

Firstly, such an element improves strength and, accordingly, increases the level of safety for the driver and passengers. Secondly, this unusual roof structure improves visibility, which has a positive effect on driving comfort and - again - safety. Visibility is improved due to the narrowing of the A-pillars.

In addition, the element makes the car more ergonomic. Parts from the bottom of the cockpit can be transferred to the upper tunnel: for example, speakers, air conditioning ducts.

The building block can be placed in two ways. The first is inside the cab, the second is outside. If the tunnel is located inside, it may contain windscreen wiper blades.

Interestingly, such a system can be used not only in vehicles with a monolithic roof, but also in models with a convertible top.



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