New versions with dual gearbox from MINI

New versions with dual gearbox from MINI

After July 2013, the Mini Cooper Countryman and Mini Cooper Paceman will be available with All4 all-wheel drive. Thus, the brand expanded its program with 10 more models with all-wheel drive.

Both new Mini versions are equipped with a six-speed manual transmission as standard, and a six-speed automatic transmission is also available. The All4 system is based on an electromagnetic center differential, the driving force of which is continuously distributed between the front and rear axles. The all-wheel drive control system is integrated into the DSC direct stability control system.

All-wheel drive in the Mini Cooper Countryman All4 and Mini Cooper Paceman All4 is paired with a 1,6-liter four-cylinder engine producing 122 hp. The maximum torque is 160 Nm, and in the automatic transmission it is 190 Nm at 4250 rpm.

Equipped in this way, the Mini Cooper Countryman All4 accelerates from zero to 11,9 km / h in 11,7 seconds (with an automatic transmission in 100 seconds). Maximum speed 184 km / h (182 km / h with automatic). In terms of fuel consumption, the Countryman consumes an average of 6,9 liters (with automatic transmission: 7,5 liters) per 100 kilometers and achieves CO2 values ​​of 160 (175) grams per kilometer.

The Mini Cooper Paceman All4 accelerates from 11,8 to 11,6 km / h in 0 seconds (100 seconds with automatic transmission). The Mini's top speed is 185 km / h and 183 km / h with automatic. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are the same as the Mini Cooper Countryman All4.




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