New application for dealing with holes in the roads

Since the end of this week, a special Internet resource from Ukravtodor has been working in test mode. "Interactive map of Ukravtodor" is the name of a novelty from the state structure for the repair and maintenance of the road surface. The Internet resource allows drivers to learn about current road problems in all regions of the country.

How the app works

New application for dealing with holes in the roads

As explained in the Press Center of Ukravtodor, the web resource has three options.

  • At the moment, the map reflects general information about the traffic situation. So, the driver can easily find out where difficult sections will be on his way. Parking lots, dangerous sections, accident sites and traffic control. Weather, traffic jams and traffic jams - all the data that allows the driver to plan the trip time.
  • An interactive map provides information on current road works. It is also marked with planned and completed repair of the coating. Each tag contains detailed information about the artist. Thanks to such information, the victim of the negligence of the repairmen will be able to file a complaint with the office of the company.
  • The database is updated with trackers installed on contractors' vehicles. The resource also involves the entry of information by the drivers themselves. If the problem area is not indicated on the map, the owner of the vehicle can do it himself. This function allows you to always receive up-to-date data on the situation on the traveler's route.
New application for dealing with holes in the roads

In addition to the new product from Ukravtodor, drivers can use the Waze mobile application. The interactive map "pulls" data from the utility platform.



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