Novelties in the mobile market - Motorola moto g8 power review


Have you been wondering for a long time which smartphone to buy under PLN 1000 and waiting for great offers? Recently, a very interesting model appeared on the market. Motorola moto g8 power is a smartphone with a long-lasting battery, the latest components for fast applications and high-end lenses. In this article, we will take a closer look at this particular model, which is sure to shake the smartphone market up to PLN 1000.

A smartphone for those who value reliability

5000, 188, 21, 3 - these figures best describe the battery built into this model. I explain - this battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which is enough for about 188 hours of listening to music or 21 hours of continuous gaming, using applications or watching TV shows. 3 - the number of days that the smartphone will work without recharging, with standard use under normal conditions. So if you are looking for a reliable smartphone that will not suddenly lose power, this Motorola model will be a good choice.

The vast majority of smartphones at this price point have smaller batteries. What sets the Motorola moto g8 power apart is its large screen and high-end processor. Despite these two factors, the battery of this smartphone can last a long time. According to tests, if the phone is idle, it will not be discharged even within a month. Despite the capacious battery, in terms of size and weight, it does not differ significantly from other phones on the market. This smartphone weighs no more than 200 g, and optimally selected dimensions allow you to comfortably hold it in your hand.

MOTOROLA Moto G8 Power 64GB Dual SIM Smartphone

Moto G8 Power has built-in technology TurboPower (provides 18W charging) designed for Motorola smartphones. Thanks to this, you only need about ten minutes to charge the battery to keep the phone running for up to several hours. So, if we let the battery drain, it only takes a few moments to enjoy the possibilities of your moto g8 power again.

And that's not all - the body of this Motorola model also deserves attention. In addition to a durable aluminum frame, it has a special hydrophobic coating. This means that accidental splashes, talking in the rain, or slightly higher levels of humidity won't force us to go to a service center. But keep in mind - this does not mean waterproof! Better not dive with it.

Even better photos are the cameras on the moto g8 Power

Another element of the Motorola moto g8 Power that deserves mention is the built-in 4 cameras on the back of the case. The main rear camera, visible at the top, is 16MP (f/1,7, 1,12µm). The following 3 are located in the aesthetic line:

  • The first one on top is Download MacroVision 2 Mpx (f/2,2, 1,75 minutes) - ideal for close-up photos, as it allows you to zoom up to five times better than a standard camera.
  • In the middle of the trio is 118° 8MP Ultra Wide Camera (f/2,2, 1,12µm) - great for capturing wide shots. Compared to conventional 78° lenses with the same aspect ratio, it allows you to fit even several times more content into the frame.
  • It's in last place Telephoto lens 8 MP (f/2,2, 1,12 µm) with high resolution optical zoom. It allows you to make detailed graphics from great distances, with the appropriate resolution and quality.

In addition to taking photos, you can also use the cameras to capture amazing videos in HD, FHD and UHD quality. The front panel also houses a high-quality 16-megapixel camera (f / 2,0, 1 micron) with built-in Quad Pixel technology. This technology allows you to take detailed, colorful selfies in high resolution (up to 25 megapixels!) And the choice of pixel size depending on the conditions.

When it comes to smartphones under PLN 1000, the Motorola moto g8 power looks really good with its cameras and recording capabilities. And that's not all - let's see what others have moto g8 power highlights.

Motorola moto g8 power - interior, screen and speakers specifications

In addition to excellent cameras and a very durable battery, Motorola moto g8 power has other advantages. We can include them, for example:

  • High resolution display - Max Vision 6,4” screen provides FHD+ resolution, i.e. 2300x1080p. The aspect ratio is 19:9 and the screen to front ratio is 88%. Thus, this Motorola phone is ideal for watching series and movies, as well as for using applications or popular mobile games.
  • Excellent performance and new features – inside this smartphone model we find a Qualcomm processor® Snapdragon™ 665 with eight cores. There is also a phone 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 512 GB.when we buy a suitable microSD card. Thanks to this, we are sure that popular applications and games will run smoothly and without problems. The phone is already loaded with Android 10, which premiered last year. This system includes a number of useful new features, such as quick and intuitive switching between applications, the ability to enable advanced parental controls, and the exact time when our battery will run out.
  • Speakers - Built-in two stereo speakers with Dolby technology® are a guarantee of very good sound quality. Now you can increase the volume as you wish while listening to music, watching a series or a movie without fear of losing sound quality.

Motorola moto g8 power - reviews and price

As already mentioned - moto g8 power price is about PLN 1000.. Thus, it is currently one of the best options for a smartphone under PLN 1000 - not only because of the battery, which is unparalleled in models with a similar price, but also because of the excellent cameras, screen and, of course, the components.

The biggest drawback that appears in reviews of the Motorola moto g8 power is the lack of NFC technology, i.e. mobile payment options. If you are not a supporter of this type of payment, you will not even pay attention to it. The opinions of electronic equipment testers are mostly positive. The phone also gets excellent ratings from users who bought the moto g8 power as soon as it hit stores. Very few smartphones at this price can boast such capabilities. Motorola moto g8 power will be a good choice for people who are interested in a phone under PLN 1000.

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