Night vision in Toyota cars

Night vision in Toyota cars

Night vision in Toyota cars

Luxury sedan only sold in Japan Toyota The Crown Hybrid, which was unveiled in production in Tokyo in April, will receive an innovative night vision system that recognizes pedestrian silhouettes.

The previous version of the system projected information directly onto the windshield, while the current version works with an LCD display that scans a path using infrared rays. The device “searches” the space in front of the car for human shapes and captures them with a yellow frame.

The speed of movement and climatic conditions affect the functioning of the system, because in this case the information that the computer must process in real time increases significantly. Therefore, the "search engine" is automatically disabled when the speed exceeds 60 km / h.

Rain also hinders the operation of the computer's processor due to the wipers that work on the windshield. In the future, Toyota will add figures of animals, cyclists and other objects moving along the roadway to the system database.




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