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Year of foundation:1933
Yosisuki Aikawa

Dan, Kenjiro[D] 
William R. Gorham
Belongs:Renault-Nissan alliance
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Body type:  


History of the Audi car brand

ContentsFounderEmblemHistory of the car in modelsQuestions and answers: One of the most famous cars in the world are the models produced by Audi. The brand is part of the VAG concern as a separate division. How did the German car enthusiast organize his small business to become one of the world's leading car manufacturers? Founder History of Audi. ...

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  1. Mon Nov 28 2022
    My Japanese 1997 Nissan Stagea vehicle came with a (electronically actuated telescopic type vehicle fender parking antenna with a small green coloured light on the top) activated by operating a manual dashboard switch. I always found it to be an excellent parking assistant. I finally wore it out The last time I operated it the antenna continued extending past its full length and simply fell to pieces.
    Can I purchase a new one and if so how much is it going to cost by the time I import it to New Zealand? Bob [email protected]

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