Test drive Nissan X-Trail: family friend


Impressive comfort, state of the art technology and plenty of interior space

The partial renewal of the model is recognizable at first glance by the new radiator grille, almost all of the central part of which has a black surface. Boomerang-shaped LEDs are presented in a slightly reduced form compared to the previous one.

The main headlamps are redesigned and, on request, are offered in a fully LED version. At the rear, the X-Trail has received new light graphics as well as a more durable chrome trim.

Modern technologies

In technological terms, the model traditionally relies on a wide arsenal of auxiliary systems. Among the most interesting proposals in this area are the automatic emergency stop assistant with pedestrian recognition, as well as a system for safely reversing from places with limited visibility.

Test drive Nissan X-Trail: family friend

For its part, Propilot technology shows the next step Nissan to autonomous driving and under certain conditions can take over control of the accelerator, brakes and steering wheel.

The base model is powered by a 1,6 hp 163-liter turbo petrol engine that is only available in conjunction with front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission. Both diesel variants have a 1,6-liter 130 hp. and a relatively recently added to the lineup a two-liter unit with a capacity of 177 hp. Customers can order dual transmissions and continuously variable automatic transmissions.

Test drive Nissan X-Trail: family friend

When it comes to balancing good performance with moderate fuel consumption, the massive X-Trail performs most convincingly with the larger of the two diesels on offer. Whether one settles on a manual transmission with precise shifting or the convenience of a variator is a matter of taste.

Those who will be using the X-Trail as a towing vehicle for towing a trailer are advised to keep in mind that if the model is equipped with a CVT, the maximum trailer weight is 350 kg less than the two tonnes it can tow in the manual version.

Convincing on any surface

The X-Trail is not only spacious but also very comfortable for long journeys. The chassis is tuned for a pleasant ride and does not burden passengers with extra rigidity. The behavior on the road is predictable and safe, and the off-road performance is very convincing - especially for a model that spends most of its life on asphalt roads.

Test drive Nissan X-Trail: family friend

The intelligent ALL MODE 4x4-i all-wheel drive system also successfully manages the balance between efficiency and good grip - the driver can choose between three modes 2WD, Auto and Lock. As the name implies, the first of them completely transfers the drive traction to the front wheels, and when the second is activated, depending on the current situation, the system provides flexible distribution of torque to both axles - from 100 percent to the front axle to 50 percent to the front and 50 percent to the rear. ...

When the situation gets really serious, moving the rotary switch to the locked position "locks" the transmission to the front and rear wheels at a 50x50 ratio.



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