Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying


Nissan Juke survived the upgrade, and again creates line-ups of buyers in the salons. The updated model changed the appearance a bit and got a good BOSE Personal audio system. But most of all it pleases with its new price - from 14 thousand dollars. But what tricks does Nissan have to go to so reduce the price and is it worth it? You will find answers to all questions in this review.

Nissan Juke 2018

Juk is one of the most interesting models on the market. Since his debut in 2010, he has barely changed his appearance. What the creators decided was for minor improvements. This is exactly what happened in the latest update of 2018.

The main distinguishing feature of Nissan Juke 2018 was the "blackened" optics. We are talking about LED running lights and direction indicators in front, and about the same taillights. Even in Dzhuk, the radiator grille was slightly darkened, and more expensive configurations got foglights, and that's not all, but only three out of five. Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying Frankly, this car really has an extravagant appearance, and it's hard to imagine what can be changed in it. Therefore, the creators are forced to go to different design tricks in order to somehow please the fans of the model. In 2018, Jook appeared:

  • New colors and wheels.
  • Colored linings on rims and bumpers.
  • Side moldings.
  • Exterior Mirror Cases

How does it go?

Despite the low cost, the Nissan Juke drives surprisingly quietly and smartly. This is a great option for those who prefer an average riding style.

The CVT keeps the engine speed at a high level, even when it is not much needed. In a normal situation, the arrow shows 4000 revolutions. When you press the gas pedal, the jerk is felt immediately. Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying It is also worth noting the excellent reaction of the motor to pressing the accelerator pedal - it is lightning fast. The creators saved us a dull delay when you press the gas pedal.

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By pressing the “magic” D-Mode button, the driver can radically change the nature of the car’s driving - make it more economical and unhurried, or vice versa - switch to sport mode. In the latter case, the steering wheel is significantly “heavier”, which allows you to feel more confident during maneuvers, and the logic of the engine and CVTs changes, providing a more “lively” reaction to pressing the gas pedal. Actually, the car, priced at 15 thousand dollars with a 9-liter flow rate, is 100% met the expectations of the driver.


What is inside?

It is difficult to say that the interior design of Juka has undergone major changes. Things are exactly the same as with the appearance - the creators of the car did just a few touches. They got a new decor: the floor console, the armrests of all doors, as well as the fringing of the deflectors. In terms of dashboard and tunnel design, Nissan decided not to stray from the motorcycle theme. Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying If we talk about convenience, the driver is most comfortable in Juke, enjoying a lot of free space, a view of the beautiful hood and holding the steering wheel from the 370Z compartment. In part, such comfort was achieved at the expense of passengers from the back row - they will feel frankly cramped. Plus, “press” on the head small windows. Actually, sitting behind people suffering from claustrophobia is clearly not recommended.

The trunk, at first glance, looks very modest. But do not forget that in the front-wheel drive cars, which is the Juk, a very spacious niche is hidden under the raised floor panel. If you lower the shelf to the very bottom, then the boot volume will no longer seem so deplorable. Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying It is also worth noting the wonderful sound of the updated BOSE Personal audio system. Again, the creators of the car emphasized driver comfort by equipping their seatback with two Ultra Nearfield stereo speakers, providing their own stereo zone. The effect is really impressive, and sounds more profitable than many famous audio systems in the premium auto segment.

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Cost of maintenance

According to the documents, the Juke consumption per 100 kilometers should be no more than 8-8,5 liters, but this indicator can only be achieved on an empty road, without traffic lights and traffic jams, with a smooth ride. In fact, in the city it spends 9-9,5 liters per hundred. The only thing that pleases in this regard is that even with severe traffic jams, the consumption does not increase much - up to a maximum of 10,5 liters per 100 km.

On the highway, the Juk is much more economical. At a low speed - up to 90 km / h, it consumes about 5,5 liters of fuel per 100 km. If you press the gas pedal harder - up to 120 km / h, the flow rate will increase to 7 liters. Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying The manufacturer’s warranty applies to this model: 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. Maintenance should be carried out once a year or every 15 thousand kilometers and its cost from an authorized dealer will be from $ 100. That is, at least $ 100 will have to be spent on guarantee 700 thousand km.

Safety Nissan Juke

At the standard European crash test EuroNCAP Nissan Beetle received excellent marks - 5 out of 5 stars. One important clarification - this was back in 2011, when the requirements were much milder than now. Nevertheless, the power structure has remained unchanged since that time. Testing did not reveal frankly dangerous zones in Djuka: for the driver, passengers and children, all indicators were good or average. Nissan Juke 2018: what you need to know before buying


After updating in 2018, the Nissan Juke crossover has not changed its low pricing policy, while at the same time delighting fans of this model with new characteristics and personalization elements.


In Ukraine, the model is available in 6 trim levels, with a 1,6 liter naturally aspirated engine (94 hp or 117 hp), a 1,6 liter turbo engine with 190 hp, front-wheel or all-wheel drive, mechanical or CVT gearbox. At different intersections, these are up to 11 different options.

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For Nissan cars, two prices are already traditionally set - basic and special. At the same time, the special one acts on an ongoing basis, therefore we can only talk about it: for a crossover you will have to pay from 14 to 23 thousand dollars, depending on the assembly.

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