Is Panasonic and Tesla alliance falling apart?

March 21, Saturday, released important information from Panasonic. As the outbreak of the coronavirus infection continues, they are suspending collaboration with American automaker Tesla. The firms are collaborating to create batteries. The timing is still unknown.

Is Panasonic and Tesla alliance falling apart?

The Japanese brand has been supplying Tesla with electronics for some time now, namely batteries. Their production is located in the state of Nevada. Gigafactory-1 will stop manufacturing batteries as early as March 23, 2020. After that, production will be closed for 2 weeks.

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Is Panasonic and Tesla alliance falling apart?

Panasonic officials declined to say how the plant shutdown would affect Tesla. On Thursday March 19, Tesla announced that the Nevada plant will continue to operate. However, from March 24, the work of the plant located in San Francisco will be suspended.

Panasonic detailed information about the situation. Since the employees, namely 3500 people working at the Nevada plant, were affected by the interruption in production, they will be paid their full salary and all benefits during the quarantine. During the forced production vacations, the plant will be intensively disinfected and cleaned.



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