Steering wheel cover - a fashion accessory and a practical solution in one


Finishing the steering wheel makes it more pleasant to the touch. But this is not the only advantage, because the steering wheel cover protects its surface from damage and abrasion. See which steering wheel cover is best for your vehicle.

The steering wheel is one of the most important parts of a car. In used cars, it can wear a lot, so it says a lot about the actual condition and mileage of the car. Braided rudder it is a practical accessory that allows you to modernize the interior of the car and improve its aesthetics. Why choose a steering wheel cover?

Is steering wheel cover necessary?

Braided rudder it is very functional and also has many other benefits. Certainly improves the appearance and equipment of the car. What can change for the better? Above all:

  • hides cracks and dirt;
  • slightly cover the high mileage of the car;
  • improve driving comfort.

Steering wheel cover - a fashion accessory and a practical solution in one


When buying a used car, you must come to terms with the fact that scratches or scuffs may be visible on the car. Traces of use are most visible on the steering wheel. The solution is a steering wheel cover. can significantly change its appearance, covering cracks and dirt. well chosen leather steering wheel will not hurt the car can rise in price, because a smooth steering wheel will perfectly mask high mileage. Before buying a vehicle, the driver always pays attention to the condition of the steering wheel, handbrake lever and gear knob. These two elements say a lot about the performance of the car.

Comfortable driving

A wiped driver collects a lot of bacteria and is unpleasant to the touch. Braided rudder makes it soft and fits well in the hands. It is also clean and aesthetically pleasing. When driving a car, a comfortable steering wheel is an attitude. At this time, turning and performing more complex maneuvers with a pad on the steering wheel of a car makes driving more enjoyable.

What material should the steering wheel cover be made of?


It is the best material suitable for steering wheel trim. Leather wears out over time, but has many benefits. This material is superior to other materials available on the market. Leather is a material that:

  • it is soft to the touch;
  • breathes and absorbs sweat; 
  • allows you to stabilize your hand while holding the steering wheel. 

The leather on the sports steering wheel also looks very attractive.

Steering wheel cover - a fashion accessory and a practical solution in one

Can faux leather be used as a steering wheel cover?

Unfortunately, ecological leather is not suitable for steering wheel trim, because it is too soft and inextensible. It also does not absorb moisture. This means your hands won't be as stable while driving as they would be with a classic leather case.

Hemming, or how to put on a cover?

Leather steering wheel cover you can install it yourself, but you can also have an upholsterer do it. To sheathe leather upholstery, special skills are not required. If you want to do the binding yourself, you will have to buy a special kit that will allow you to do the work alone. However, you must remember that she is independent. steering wheel trim it will be difficult for you to perform as well as a specialist in an upholstery shop.

Steering wheel cover - a fashion accessory and a practical solution in one

Skin renewal

This is a material that wears out very quickly. To renew it, which has been stitched by the upholsterer, it must be returned to the workshop for repair. If you did the filing yourself, then the cover can be removed and put on a new one. As you can see, you can change the steering wheel pad without any problems.

How to take care of your skin?

You need to take care of the leather cover for the steering wheel, and the base this is his drink. You should clean and degrease the leather from time to time. Degreasing gasoline is excellent for this. If the material is badly damaged, you can proceed to repair. Steering wheel trim you can upgrade with special leather dyeing kits. This is a cheap and quick way to upgrade your car's interior. The self-healing effect lasts a very long time.

How much does steering wheel firmware cost and how long does it take? price and time

Factory leather is an expensive material, so steering wheel trim can cost you a pretty penny. steering wheel prices it starts at about 35 euros and can go up to 150 euros. It all depends on the type of material and the expectations of the driver. The type of steering wheel also affects the cost of its tailoring. The larger the diameter of the steering wheel, the higher the price for the service. The advantage of service in a professional company is the pace of work, because everything will take 3-4 hours. Blinding is a quick and simple procedure that is completed within one day.

Steering wheel cover - a fashion accessory and a practical solution in one

A car steering wheel cover is a fashion accessory that is also practical. As a result, driving becomes more stable and driver comfort is greatly improved. The appearance of the car interior after cutting the steering wheel is also more aesthetic and the car can even acquire some of the features of a higher-class car.

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