What does Max Korzh drive

Max Korzh is not famous for any particular interest in cars. He does not have a large fleet of vehicles, and the paparazzi do not "catch" him driving supercars. The rapper loves classics and solidity: the artist owns a Lexus RX 350 car.

According to media reports, Max Korzh acquired the iron horse in 2017 in Russia. The cost indicated in the catalogs of dealers at that time was 60 thousand dollars.

This model was previously called the RX. In 2005, the manufacturer decided to update the car: it improved the handling characteristics, equipped the car with a stronger suspension. The updated car was named RX 350.

What does Max Korzh drive

Lexus The RX 350 is powered by a 3,5-liter engine with 273 horsepower. There are two transmissions to choose from: a four-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic. Front wheel drive car. The manufacturer has focused on cross-country ability: Lexus RX 350 demonstrates excellent driving performance even on low-quality road surfaces. High ground clearance and high-quality shock absorption allows you to feel comfortable on country roads.

The maximum speed of the car is 200 km / h. It accelerates to 100 km / h in 7,8 seconds. Decent dynamic performance for a car intended for city and suburbs.

Given the year of purchase, it can be assumed that the performer will soon buy a new vehicle, but for now it can be found on the road behind the wheel of an elegant Lexus RX 350.



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