What did the heroes of the film "Matrix" ride


Blue pill, or red? How Neo would spend the remaining years depended on Neo's choice. Either he will continue to lead a boring life, or a previously unknown world with unlimited possibilities will open to him. Moreover, it was possible to choose not only weapons, but also cars.

For the filming of the first part of the fantastic trilogy, the directors requested $ 60 million. But they were given only ten. However, the first scenes of the film were so unique that the studio approved the full budget.

In addition to tricks and a tense scenario, the directors of the film tried to diversify the vehicle fleet of heroes. These are the machines used in the painting.

Lincoln Continental 1963

What did the heroes of the film "Matrix" ride

Opens the list for a classic business car. It is Neo's first ride to meet Morpheus. Among Americans, the car was popular in the second half of the twentieth century. In films with a gangster plot, similar models often appeared.

This car is interesting not only for its strict body shapes. The manufacturer installed a volumetric engine in serial copies. It was a seven-liter petrol power unit. It developed 320 horsepower. Classic cars of this brand have always been rear-wheel drive. In 1963, an automatic transmission was installed on them.

Mercury Monarch 1975

What did the heroes of the film "Matrix" ride

Another representative of the American car industry. It was used by the self-cloning Agent Smith. The elegant two-door sedan fit perfectly into the picture and added gloom to the scenes in which the villain appeared.

The cars of the late seventies were very similar to Ford Granada. A straight-six was installed under the hood. The volume of the power unit was 3,3 and 4,1 liters. Another layout included eight-cylinder V-shaped motors. This version had a larger volume - 4,9 and 5,8 liters.

Ford LTD Crown Victoria 1986

What did the heroes of the film "Matrix" ride

The American 4-door sedan differed from its predecessors by significant changes in the electronic part. Agent Smith moved to this car in the second part of the film. Compared to contemporaries, the car turned out to be a little more expensive. But this is not a problem for The Matrix. After all, it consists of only ones and zeros.

The updated version received the LX (deluxe) prefix. The kit included electronic fuel injection. Also, the basic version received a reliable electronic control unit EEC-IV. As for the power plants, there were two of them in the model range. V-8 engines of 4,9 or 5,8 liters were installed under the hood.

Triumph speed triple

What did the heroes of the film "Matrix" ride

The film features not only representatives of four-wheeled vehicles. Trinity often chose powerful and fast motorcycles. An agile streetfighter with an engine capacity of 1050 cubic millimeters appears in the footage. Three cylinders developed 135 horsepower.

Not every car can boast of such data. Not surprisingly, the main character could so easily pick up the necessary speed and perform a stunt trick.

White 9000

What did the heroes of the film "Matrix" ride

One of the tense scenes of the film is the footage of Smith blowing a telephone booth. And for the greater success of the mission, he "generated" the White 9000 large truck.

It is noteworthy that initially the American company was engaged in the manufacture of sewing machines. Back in 1988, the director's son bought a steam-powered car. Two years later, two modifications of the vehicle saw the light. It was a racing and road version. The company began manufacturing trucks after the end of the First World War.

Unsurprisingly, the truck could still move after hitting a vertical surface. After all, the brand's models have been improving for almost a century.

Taste of directors

As you can see, the funds spent on the creation of a fantastic film paid off. The creators of the tape breathed a special style into its characters. And that's not all the machines in the film. In the frames appear Mercedes-Benz W115, Saab99 (1977), Ford F-350 (1978) and other representatives of well-known world-famous concerns.

Most of the car fleet consists of models that were not available to the average driver. Even today, in the stock version, these cars are of great value for lovers of the era of classic models.



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