Michelin CrossClimate & # 8212; summer tire with winter certificate

Michelin CrossClimate & # 8212; summer tire with winter certificate

The novelty of the French company is a turning point in the history of automobile tires.

The world presentation of the new Michelin CrossClimate tire took place in the French village of Divonne-les-Bains, just 16 km from Geneva, on the border between Switzerland and France. Why there? On this day, the prestigious Geneva Motor Show opened its doors, to which media representatives from all over the world have already arrived, and the premiere of the new product of the French company became a significant event.

To this end, Michelin built a unique testing ground where the performance of the new tire was demonstrated on dry, wet and snowy roads. The test cars, the new Volkswagen Golf and Peugeot 308, were shod with the new Michelin CrossClimate tire, as well as the all-season tires known to this day, so that the two tires could be compared. The presentation also included real-world driving on the steep roads of the Jura Mountains, where he was still in power in early March.

Michelin Executive Vice President Light and Lightweight Tires Thierry Scheesch, member of the Michelin Group Executive Committee, presented the new tire for the first time in person to media representatives across Europe.

In May 2015, Michelin, a leader in car tires, launched the new Michelin CrossClimate tire on the European markets, the first summer tire to be certified as a winter tire. The new Michelin CrossClimate is a combination of summer and winter tires - technologies that have been incompatible until now.

Michelin CrossClimate is an innovative tire that is safe and reliable in a variety of climates. It is the only tire that combines the advantages of summer and winter tires in one overall product. What are the great benefits:

"She stops short distances on dry."

- It gets the best 'A' rating by the European Wet Label.

- The tire is approved for winter use, recognizable by the 3PMSF logo (three-pointed mountain symbol and snowflake symbol on the sidewall of the tire), which shows its suitability for winter use, including in countries where mandatory use is required. tires for the season.

The new Michelin CrossClimate tire complements Michelin's typical metrics of total mileage, energy efficiency and comfort. This is an addition to the catalog of various Michelin summer and winter tires.

The new Michelin CrossClimate tire is the result of a combination of three technologies:

Innovative tread: It is based on a tread compound that provides the flexibility necessary to increase the tire's ability to overcome even the smallest bumps in the road in all conditions (dry, wet, snow). The second rubber compound is located under the tread, which in turn optimizes the tire's energy efficiency. Has the ability to heat slightly. Michelin engineers have reduced this warming by incorporating the latest generation of silicone into the rubber compound, which in turn results in lower fuel consumption when using Michelin CrossClimate tires.

Unique V-shaped tread with variable angle tread optimizes traction on snow - Lateral load due to the special angle in the center of the sculpture - Longitudinal load is transferred through more chamfered shoulder zones.

This V-sculpture is combined with new three-dimensional self-locking sipes: super twisted, of different thicknesses and complex geometries, the entire depth of the slats creates the effect of a nail in the snow. This increases the traction of the vehicle. This results in better tire stability.

To create this innovative tire, Michelin studied driver behavior throughout the tire development process. The goal of a car tire manufacturer is to provide the most suitable tire for any application and for any type of driving. The approach went through three stages:

Support points

Drivers are faced with unexpected changes in climatic conditions every day - rain, snow and colder temperatures. And the solutions that tire manufacturers are offering them today, or improvements, do not fully satisfy them. So Michelin research shows that:

- 65% of European drivers use summer tires all year round, compromising their safety in cold weather, on snow or on ice. 20% of them are located in Germany, where the use of special equipment is mandatory in winter conditions, and 76% in France, where there are no regulatory restrictions.

- 4 out of 10 European motorists find seasonal tire changes tedious and actually results in longer tire change times. Those who cannot or disagree with the cost and inconvenience refuse to put winter tires on their cars.

- From 3% of drivers in Germany to 7% in France use winter tires all year round, which is a compromise with braking on dry roads, especially on hot ones, which in turn affects fuel consumption.

The innovation allows you to find the perfect balance between modern technologies and their use. Michelin invests more than 640 million euros each year in research and development, conducting research among 75 of its users worldwide and 000 tire buyers.

The new Michelin CrossClimate tire fully meets the requirements of safety and mobility. At the start of sales in May 2015, Michelin CrossClimate will offer 23 different sizes from 15 to 17 inches.

They occupy 70% of the European market. The planned supply will increase in 2016. The new Michelin CrossClimate tires provide the highest levels of safety through their simplicity and economy. The driver will drive his car all year round, regardless of weather conditions, with one set of Michelin CrossClimate tires.

Michelin CrossClimate Key Figures

- 7 is the number of countries in which the tire has been tested: Canada, Finland, France, Poland and Sweden.

- 36 - the number of months from the first day of the project to the presentation of the tire - March 2, 2015. The time to develop and develop a new product takes three years, and in all other cases - 4 years and 8 months. The development and development time for new Michelin CrossClimate tires is 1,5 times shorter than that of other car tires.

- 70 degrees Celsius, the temperature range of the tests carried out. The tests were carried out at an outdoor temperature of -30 ° C to + 40 ° C.

- 150 is the number of engineers and experts who have worked on the development, testing, industrialization and production of the Michelin CrossClimate tire.

More than 1000 is the number of laboratory tests on materials, sculpture and tire architecture.

- During dynamic and life tests, 5 million kilometers were covered. This distance is equal to 125 Earth's orbits at the equator.



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