Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019

Description Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019


Mercedes-Benz V-Class (W447) 2019 is a front-engined car with the engine placed longitudinally. The drive is rear, front or full, depending on the configuration. The model is an upgrade from previous versions. Let's consider what changes in technical characteristics, dimensions and appearance have been made by the developers.


The dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class (W447) 2019 are shown in the table.

Length5140 mm
Width1928 mm
Height1880 mm
The weight2105 kg
Clearance140 mm
Base:3200 mm


full speed194 km / h
Number of revolutions380 Nm
Power, hp190 hp
Average fuel consumption per 100 km6,8 l / 100 km.

Depending on the configuration, a starter and a generator or an all-starter-generator are installed. The gearbox has been replaced with a nine-speed automatic, and there is also an option with a six-speed manual. Each of the axles has an independent multi-link suspension. Disc brakes are installed on all wheels. The drive is presented in three versions: rear, front and full.


The changes practically did not affect the exterior of the minivan. The headlight units have been slightly changed. The shape, features of the roof, bumpers and bonnet were left intact. New colors of the car are offered, but found in its predecessors. The salon is distinguished by high build quality and the use of high quality materials for decoration. The dashboard houses a compact console and many electronic assistants designed to make the driving experience as comfortable as possible.


Photo collection Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019

The photo below shows the new Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019 model, which has changed not only externally, but also internally.

Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019

Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019

Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019


Complete set of the car Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019

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Video review Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019

In the video review, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the Mercedes V-Class (W447) 2019 model and external changes.

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