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Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

Description Maybach GLS 2020


Maybach GLS 2020, the company's new, first crossover - the most luxurious SUV in the world! For the first time, they took the Mercedes-Benz GLS as a basis. The premiere of the luxury car took place in Guangzhou, China.


Maybach took over the dimensions of its younger brother, the Mercedes-Benz GLS. Unlike your brother, only 5 people can be accommodated in a car, compared to 7 in a Mercedes.

Length5205 mm
Width (without mirrors)1956 mm
Height1823 mm
The weightfrom 2435 to 2785 kg. (depending on configuration)
Clearance160 mm
Base3135 mm


The 600 index does not justify the car. Under the hood, it has a V-shaped petrol four-liter eight and shows 558 horses at 730 Nm of torque. Helping to accelerate this ship to 100 in 4,9 seconds, two turbines and an all-wheel drive system.

full speed250 km / h
Number of revolutions6000 / min
Power, hp558 l. from.
Consumption per 100 km.On average 12 liters. 100 km.


For an additional fee, the car can be equipped for every taste, starting from a two-color painting, which has 8 different variations, two separate chairs with heating, ventilation, massage, a separate console with a refrigerator and folding tables. In the base, the car is equipped with a panoramic roof, LED light, individual air conditioning system for each row of seats.


Photo collection Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020


The photo below shows the new Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020 model, which has changed not only externally, but also internally.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020



Complete set of the car Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020
600 (4.0i)


Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

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Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

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Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

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Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

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Video review Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020

In the video review, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and external changes of the Mercedes Maybach GLS 2020.

Maybach off-road. Test and review of the new Mercedes GLS 2020

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