The “blood” that flows into the “veins” of the E 320 Bluetec exhaust system is called ammonia and reduces nitrogen oxides to levels that meet even the most stringent amethyst standards. Mercedes start offering the world's cleanest diesel vehicle first in the United States, and in 2008 the Bluetec series will reach Europe.

Bluetec's primary goal is to reduce NOx emissions while adhering to the strictest American standards. But the overall goal is actually different - to move the diesel engine as a whole across the ocean, where gasoline prices are slowly but inexorably starting to approach levels known in the Old Continent. The $ 51 E 550 Bluetec is expected to deliver an average consumption of about seven liters per 320 kilometers.

Available 210 HP from. and 526 Nm

However, the additional catalyst resulted in a slight decrease in power, but in practice the engine response is much slower than in the production version without the improved system. In fact, the well-known clumsy overtaking is unlikely to become a serious problem when driving on American roads with their unique specifics ...

This car is prone to driving at a constant speed, which also predisposes to extremely quiet and accurate engine operation. Although the E 100 Bluetec can accelerate from 320 to XNUMX km / h in less than seven seconds, it is best suited for leisurely long-distance travel. Excellent sound insulation and impeccable driving comfort in this E-Class make even hundreds of kilometers a pleasure. Which, in turn, gives rise to hope that Mercedes can indeed change the way Americans view diesel cars.




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