Mercedes-Benz closes production line

For modern automakers, a serious threat is the era of electric cars, which began quite recently, but is moving by leaps and bounds. It takes huge investments to stay afloat in this business. There are two ways to deal with this situation:

  • merging with other car manufacturers and joint development of advanced systems;
  • reduction in costs, by significantly reducing the number of platforms and power plants.

It became abundantly clear that Mercedes-Benz chose the second way to solve the problem.

Changes in the German brand

Mercedes-Benz closes production line

The Mercedes-Benz lineup will soon undergo fundamental changes. This will affect the number of platforms and motors. They will shrink. Unfortunately for car enthusiasts, some models of this brand will completely sink into oblivion. The B-Class hatchback coupe and S-Class convertible will be history.

Mercedes-Benz closes production line

The manufacturers took such tough measures in order to save money for the line of new cars. Mercedes-Benz plans to produce electric and hybrid vehicles.

The introduction of Euro-7, a new environmental standard for vehicles, was a powerful blow to modern cars, owners of large-volume internal combustion engines. He stipulates a complete veto on diesel engines installed on passenger cars.

This news stunned all motorists, because it may happen that very soon Mercedes-Benz cars with 8 and 12 cylinder engines may leave the European car market. These cars include the long-loved brands G 63 AMG and Mercedes-AMG GT.

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