Google cars are already moving around the city

Google cars are already moving around the city

The Lexus RX450h model was used to test the technology.

Google has decided to continue testing its drones on public roads in Austin, Texas, according to Cnet. The Lexus RX450h model was used to test the technology. The first car is already driving through the city streets.

Until now, tests have only been conducted on California roads. The company notes that the move to Texas will help engineers teach self-driving cars to quickly move along different routes. The main purpose of the city test is how the drone behaves in the general flow of passengers and how it interacts with other drivers.

“We need to watch Google cars share the road with a driver who is more likely to make the mistake of driving than autonomous driving,” said Google project director Chris Umrson.

According to the top manager, Google's self-driving cars, which have been road tests for six years, were involved in only 11 accidents. However, he stressed that all these incidents were minor and that people were the culprits in all cases.

“In the six years since we tested our vehicles, we have had only 11 minor accidents. Self-driving cars since 2009. to date, they have driven about 2,7 million kilometers, ”said Chris. He also noted that most of the accidents happened at traffic lights. No one was injured in them, all cars received only minor damage in accidents.

It is known that Google recently announced that the first 100 prototypes of self-driving cars will be released by the end of 2015. The serial model can become a reality within 5 years.

The company announced the release of the first working Google prototype in December 2014. Then the engineers noted that they had done a huge amount of work and now the car can move without a driver, although some problems still remain. For example, the system does not always respond correctly to traffic lights, and it is impossible to distinguish between road damage and an open hatch.




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