Feduk's car & # 8212; what the famous rapper drives

The composition "Rosé Wine" at one time brought fame, recognition and, of course, money to Feduk. So much money that the performer could afford an AUDI RS5 car. This sports car is a masterpiece of the German car industry and the dream of many car lovers.

The car is produced by a separate division of the manufacturer - Audi Sport GmbH. The sports car is based on the Audi A5. The car has a spectacular, almost futuristic design that does not go unnoticed on the road.

That's why the AUDI RS5 is a sports car in order to have outstanding driving performance. The car is equipped with a 2,9-liter six-cylinder engine. The same unit is installed on the model Porsche Panamera. Engine power - 450 horsepower. The maximum speed is 280 km / h. The car accelerates to "hundred parts" in 3,9 seconds.

All-wheel drive car. It demonstrates excellent dynamic performance both on a city road and on a country road.

The car interior is simply chic! In the most prominent place is the large (10,1 inches) screen of the multimedia system. The upholstery is made from premium materials.

Feduk's car & # 8212; what the famous rapper drives

When designing the model, the creators decided to make a small reference. Above the grille is a small gap similar to that of AUDI rally models. This detail makes the car even more impressive.

Well, a rare car like the AUDI RS5 is hard to miss in traffic. If you see this supercar, know that your favorite rap artist Feduk can sit inside.



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