Tom Cruise's Favorite Car & # 8212; auto actor

We often see Tom Cruise in the movies driving supercars and other expensive cars. Love for the masterpieces of the automotive industry is not only a cinematic one: Tom drives luxury cars in real life. The actor has a Bugatti in his collection, Chevrolet, BMW and many other cars. One of Cruise's favorites is Ford Mustang Saleen S281.

This is a car for those who like to drive fast. The model is equipped with a 4,6-liter engine with 435 horsepower. There are different variations, but most often it is a rear wheel drive car with a manual transmission.

The model differs from the rest of the "Mustangs" in that it uses a proprietary Ford platform. In fact, it is a unique vehicle that focuses on dynamics, handling and speed. It is unlikely that Tom Cruise uses a car for races at speeds under 300 km / h, but this car is capable of producing such spurts. The Mustang accelerates to the mark of 100 km / h in 4,5 seconds.

Tom Cruise's Favorite Car & # 8212; auto actor

Another distinctive feature of the car is its appearance. The design, as usual, is developed with an emphasis on aggressiveness, showiness. Ford Mustang Saleen S281 is impossible to miss on the road. The manufacturer did not skimp on the proprietary body kit: a spoiler, aluminum and satin in the cabin, other "tricks". Ford has tried to make this modification special, standing out among the entire Mustang palette.

Tom Cruise bought the car a few years ago, but he can still be seen driving a Ford Mustang Saleen S281 on American roads.



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