The best motorcycle gloves are summer, winter, women's and men's.


Motorcycle gloves can be urban, sports, touring or cross-country - as you can see, the main division that can be used is for the purpose. In these categories there will also be models for women and men, and of course winter and summer. Are these gloves really that different from each other? Check out what's best!

Not only for the motorcycle, the classic gloves associated with motorcycles can also play a dual role as hand protection for hikers. Find out what types of motorcycle gloves are and what functions they perform.

What are motorcycle gloves?

Although we might think that these are just gloves and there can be nothing complicated in their design, this is a very misconception. In fact, good quality motorcycle gloves for men and women should be carefully considered.which at the same time will allow them to perform a protective function and give greater freedom of maneuver without reducing the "feel" from the steering wheel.

These gloves are divided into several types. It:

sports - they are distinguished by a very long cuff and a large number of protectors. They can even be made from Kevlar. Their "armor resistance" is to ensure the greatest possible safety when falling at high speed on a hard surface, such as asphalt;

tourist - primarily designed to provide comfort, protection from cold and moisture. They are more flexible, have a shorter and wider cuff, and most importantly - a lot of protective elements;

urban - are a kind of compromise between the two types described above;

off-road - they are easy to distinguish from other types, since in this case they are unusually small, made of relatively thin material. They are designed to drive on soft surfaces at relatively low speeds.

Motorcycle gloves - how to measure them?

The key is hand width, which you can easily gauge. You can measure the circumference with your fingers together, including your thumb. Hold the measuring tape below your ankles. This is the widest spot and if you run the roulette wheel correctly you will get the correct result. 

What else is worth remembering when measuring?

Remember that motorcycle gloves should not be loose, but the protectors should not put too much pressure on the ankles. Do not clench your fists when measuring a particular model. Why? When you ride a motorcycle, you will never have this hand position. Inside it, after all, there is a lever that limits the clamping of the fingers.

Material type

There are three main types of products:

  •  leather;
  • textile;
  • leather-textile.

Leather models are more suitable for urban driving, while textile models are more suitable for off-road trips or off-road fun. Ultimately, however, there are no hard and fast boundaries. It all depends on whether the gloves fit you.

How to choose motorcycle gloves for women?

We're not talking about looks here because it's an individual thing. However, the choice of a model for women should include not only the cut and type of fabric. The first step is to make the seams. The ones on the outside may not look the best, but give comfort when flexing your fingers. If the seams are inside, they can dig under the nails. Motorcycle gloves for women shouldn't be too loose either because the material will wrinkle when bent and the force in the fingers will be negligible.

Men's motorcycle gloves - how to choose

The rules are similar to the rules for female copies. In both categories, it is also important to measure gloves on a motorcycle or imitation handle (on a tube or bottle). This way you make sure that the material does not move during maneuvering and feel every movement of the lever. Another thing is their length. Wrist protection and jacket sleeve connection are critical for off-road riding. For city riding, you can wear motorcycle gloves, definitely smaller and thinner for men.

Summer gloves - which ones to choose?

Urban models are suitable here, which will provide the highest level of ventilation. Riding in the sun requires the rider to wear gloves that dissipate heat well. This is especially important when driving in the city, where the speeds achieved are not so high. Summer models can be leather or textile, and use both materials at the same time. As a rule, they have a reduced level of security. Protectors are simply smaller or more flexible.

Winter gloves - how to choose?

Here, focus primarily on insulated models. Their material is leather with textile impurities, but additional insulating layers are placed inside. In such high-quality motorcycle gloves, you will not sweat, despite the inner insulation. Even in the most severe frosts, riding in them will be comfortable.

Men's motorcycle gloves and motorcycle type

Of course, weather conditions are not the only reason to wear different gloves. You will put some on a scooter, custom or naked, and others on a chopper or cruiser. For cross-country riding, sports and touring gloves are best, and for riding a sports bike, ordinary sports gloves are suitable. They are much more extensive in terms of security. Often the little finger is attached to the ring finger to protect it in case of a fall.

What is the most important criterion when choosing motorcycle gloves? style? Cutting? Color? Material? It's all about the fit. Therefore, be sure to try them on and try them on, and if it doesn’t work out, carefully measure the size of your hand. Without this, the gloves may be unsuitable for riding and, over time, will bring more trouble than good. To ride comfortably in a wide variety of conditions, also adapt them to the season.

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