Logan Eco2: Green Party

Logan Eco2: Green Party

Reanault's subsidiary Dacia also stands out among manufacturers looking to shine at the annual technical show at the Shahnai Michelin Challenge Bibendum. Romanians will present an improved version of Logan in collaboration with Reanult.

"Experienced Bunny" uses the technical basis of the standard version Dacia Logan, equipped with a 1,5-liter dCi series diesel with 86 horsepower. However, in the new modification, the unit is adapted to use biodiesel (B30). Other engine modifications include redesigned pistons and fuel injection systems, new mechanical transmission gears and reduced friction through optimized lubrication.

The body of the Logan eco2 also contributes to the economy of the car - thanks to a special aerodynamic package, Romanians reduce the drag coefficient to 0,29. The simple name "aerodynamic package" means the trunk spoiler as well as the adjustable front spoiler. In addition to the roof, there is a vortex generator, whose task is to direct the air masses, eliminating unwanted vortices. A kind of completion of the ecological equipment are tires with low rolling resistance in the format 185/65 R 15.

The measures taken result in an average fuel consumption of 3,8 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km and emissions below 100 grams per kilometer (97 g / km), which Dacia and Reanult prove that even a five-seat sedan with a surprisingly large trunk can meet extremely stringent environmental standards that we expect in the near future.

This year, the very important international exhibition Michelin Challenge Bibendum will take place from 14 to 17 November in Shanghai.




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