Legendary Lamborghini Countach with minimum mileage is up for auction

Unique car to be sold at British Race Retro Classic & Competition Car Sale Lamborghini Countach. This is a supercar that began production in the 70s of the last century. A distinctive feature of the lot is the mileage of only 6390 km.

This model has been in production for 25 years. During this time, she managed to become a dream of motorists around the world. The original design of the supercar is a product of the Bertone atelier. It is noteworthy that the car has a lot of shortcomings: for example, a cramped interior, poor visibility. Nevertheless, this supercar continues to be considered one of the best products of its generation.

Seeing such a car on the track is almost impossible. These are museum pieces and valuable collectible “trophies”. In total, less than 2 thousand cars were produced.

Until recently it seemed that it would be impossible to buy a Lamborghini Countach. However, news emerged that the supercar is up for sale. This is a right-hand drive variation from the 1990s. The model is unique as it is made to order. The client is an avid Lamborghini fan from Britain.
Legendary Lamborghini Countach with minimum mileage is up for auction
This variation was named 25th Anniversary. She is the newest version of the supercar. The car is powered by a 12cc V5167 engine. "Under the hood" there is 455 hp.

The car was mothballed in 1995. After 22 years, it was decided to breathe life into the car. The supercar was put on the move by the masters of Colin Clarke Engineering. This procedure cost £ 17. At the moment, the car is in excellent technical condition. Without a doubt, it will become the most coveted lot in the UK auction.



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