The updated SUV in England has risen in price by only 10 pounds to 31 pounds. Sales of the updated Land Rover Discovery Sport crossover started in the UK. There is nothing to look at the exterior: all the modernized elements are hidden under the body and in the cabin. For example, the base two-liter diesel added power (915 hp versus 163 previously) while maintaining the same torque (150 Nm). Versions with such a drive system changed the D380 index instead of the D165. The D150 modification (180 hp) has also become more powerful - now it bears the D180 index, and its diesel engine develops 200 hp. and the same 204 Nm. As before, all Discovery Sport all-wheel drive SUVs feature a 430-volt starter-generator with a 48 kWh Li-ion battery.

The updated Discovery Sport in England has risen in price by just 10 pounds to 31 pounds. The D915 version is equipped with front or all-wheel drive, manual or automatic transmission. And the D165 is only available with four-wheel drive and two pedals.

The ability of the new multimedia to update the operating system, applications and navigation maps via the Internet will save owners from unnecessary service visits. The 2021 cars also have a modified outside air filtration system.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Black Special Edition with 400 Nm petrol engine, all-wheel drive and automatic transmission accelerates from 100 to 7,4 km / h in 250 seconds. Meanwhile, the P249 version with 165 hp. makes this exercise only four tenths slower. In the new D200 and D100 modifications, acceleration from 10,2 to 10,4 km / h takes 8,6-XNUMX and XNUMX seconds, respectively.

And a 2.0 turbo engine with a capacity of 290 hp. was returned to the range, but the four-cylinder Ingenium will only be installed in the new Black Special Edition. It differs from its brothers in original plates, black decor and 20-inch wheels of the same color. The updated cars have a new steering wheel and a new generation of multimedia systems - Pivi or Pivi Pro. Different menus, improved performance, Spotify music service connectivity - and live updates. In addition, Discovery Sport has a more advanced XNUMX/XNUMX surveillance system based on a similar system in cars. BMW.



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