Laffite X-Road: 730 hp supercar under the hood

Laffite Supercars, which entered the car market in 2017, announced the release of the X-Road. The prototype for the supercar was the buggy. The cost of the car starts from 465 thousand US dollars.

Laffite X-Road is an unusual representative of the world of supercars. Rather, it looks like a crossover. The novelty is designed to be used literally in extreme conditions. The suspension withstands numerous jumps on dunes and dunes, constant driving on low-quality road surfaces.

A fully equipped vehicle weighs 1,3 tonnes. The dimensions are as follows: length - 4290 mm, width - 2140 mm, height - 1520 mm. The car is equipped with a 6,2-liter V8 LS3 engine with 477 to 730 horsepower on board. The unit works in conjunction with a sequential gearbox with 5 or 6 steps. The paddles located under the steering wheel are used to shift gears.

There is no other information on the technical characteristics of the supercar. The manufacturer has already announced that the novelty will be able to move freely on the roads of California: there will be no problems with certification.

Laffite X-Road: 730 hp supercar under the hood

The car's interior looks unusual: modern panels and touch screens have been replaced with spectacular classic toggle switches. The manufacturer plans to launch 30 vehicles on the market. The starting price is 465 thousand dollars. The electric version was also mentioned: it will cost from 545 thousand. However, the manufacturer did not announce any details regarding the technical characteristics.



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