Body repair


Body repair

The body of a modern car is a complex structure that performs many important functions. Its renovation is the other side of the medal of importance and functionality. It is complex and laborious.

Conditionally body repair can be divided into two stages. The first is the restoration of body geometry, the elimination of dents, the replacement of elements beyond repair. The second is body painting.

Particular attention should be paid to restoring the geometry and rigidity of the lower part of the body, hidden from view. It is these elements that are responsible for the safety and driving characteristics of the car. All suspension elements are attached to it.

When saving on materials and tools for body repair, you need to remember that such savings can affect the quality of body repair and be the result of common mistakes. It is about that, in order to avoid such mistakes, you should familiarize yourself with the main features of body repair.

Features of body repair

in order to know all the features that are taken into account when repairing the body, in order to understand what to talk about with the master before handing over the car for repair and what to look for when receiving a repaired car, we propose to consider the main mistakes during repairs .

TOP 10 Body Repair Mistakes

Welding elements with conventional electrodes

Connecting body elements by electronic welding is difficult, but real. At the same time, the quality of such a connection is very low.

Violation of the thermal regime

If you do not allow the metal to cool during welding, then it is possible to remove the bodywork, which will have to be additionally puttied. However, such defects can not always be corrected with putty.

Replacing parts in strict order

First of all, the doors are replaced, then the wings and thresholds are set. This is the only way to avoid the formation of gaps.

Painting not in color

This often happens if one body part is painted without a smooth transition to another. Even if the paint is matched exactly with the original, the old paint on the body has a change in shade, which is associated with fading in the sun and other environmental factors.


Appear with poor-quality car putty and its insufficient drying. Usually appear after repair, when the car stands in the sun. Usually you have to re-polish the places of putty after that.


This is the relief of the applied paint. After painting, there is usually a shagreen on the body, but it is removed by polishing. But there is one that cannot be removed by polishing. Usually a defect appears when the paint is applied incorrectly, at high temperature in the chamber, viscous paint.

Dust in the paint

It usually appears if the car is not painted in a special chamber. But when painting in a dirty chamber, it also takes place.


Indentations from silicone, which had to be cut with a special knife.

Apply varnish

It appears if you work with a grinder at high speed or grind the same place for too long, not allowing the varnish to cool.

The manifestation of rust

If the welds are poorly cleaned and primed, then rust can occur in these places, which appears through the paintwork.

Body repair tips

fulfilling car body repair namely welding, then for welding you need to use a semi-automatic or argon welding. With the help of such welding, metal up to 1 mm thick can be boiled and the possibility of burning through body elements is excluded. If the lower part of the body was welded, be sure to process the bottom yourself or at the service.

Body damage can be mild, moderate or severe. Straightening usually does not require special skills and using professional tools and materials will be within the power of everyone. only certain difficulties and the need for skills may arise during straightening work after medium and complex damage to the body.

If more than 70% of the body needs repair, it will be cheaper to buy a new car than to produce body repairand sell the old one for parts.

Before painting, it is necessary to eliminate corrosion in all places where its first foci most often appear. You need to paint the car with fresh paint. The primer will help you identify irregularities and putty them with a finishing putty. You can paint only after the putty and primer have completely dried.

For painting, use a special spray gun. The paint should dry in special conditions of the camera without direct sunlight. Polishing is permissible only after the complete drying of the paintwork.

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