Buy a car for $ 15: considering options


When creating new models, modern car manufacturers try to take into account the needs of sophisticated drivers. But often such cars are not always affordable for an average-income motorist. To meet the need for a reliable vehicle, economy class cars are being developed.

Most often, they do not have complex systems of comfort, safety and a variety of driver assistants. Consider what kind of car you can buy if your budget allows you to allocate $ 15.

Lada Granta

Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

At the top of the list are domestic models. A new Lada can be purchased in the showroom for a little more than $ 8. The 500 model will be powered by a 2019-liter gasoline engine. Its capacity will be 1,6 horsepower.

The Classic package will include a minimum set of comfort systems. These are air conditioning, front power windows and a sunroof. Protection of cars and passengers consists of a central locking system, airbags for the driver, BAS (emergency braking booster), ABS (anti-lock wheels), EBD (braking force uniform distribution system).

Lada Niva 4 × 4

Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

A more worthy option for those who want to buy a new car up to $ 15. The cost of an SUV from an authorized dealer is about 000. It will already have an upgraded rear suspension, ABS + BAS, power steering, heated front seats and air conditioning.

An engine with a working volume of 1690 cubic centimeters is installed under the hood. Maximum power - 61 horsepower. It is achieved at 5000 rpm. On the highway, the car accelerates to 142 km /. The car may not be so fast, but off-road it is a real king.

Lada x-ray

Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

For almost $ 12 you can buy a crossover from a domestic manufacturer. If it were not for the Lada badge on the radiator grille, it would be impossible to say that this is a stylized VAZ. The basic package, in addition to the previously mentioned options, includes a help system when starting up the hill.

The manufacturer offers several engine options. Their power is 106 and 122 horsepower. The luxury models are equipped with climate control air conditioning. Compared to previous cars, this one features increased cabin comfort. And in terms of class, it is more suitable for a modern motorist.


Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

Consider the options for foreign cars. Ford Fiesta - a compact car with a 1,1-liter engine in the Business configuration costs from $ 14. Small and nimble, it handles city traffic well. At the same time, the consumption per 800 kilometers in mixed mode is 100 liters.

In the comfort system of this model, the manufacturer installed air conditioning, heated windshield, side mirrors and heated front seats. Compared to VAZs, the car looks more attractive. And spare parts for it have an increased resource, which significantly reduces the frequency of repairs.

Great Wall Haval H3

Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

Anyone who is looking for something more massive, but the budget does not allow him to buy a Land Cruiser, should take a closer look at the Chinese manufacturer's SUV. Let it be all plastic inside, it looks decent on the outside. A two-liter gasoline engine Mitsubishi develops 122 hp.

The SUV accelerates confidently. But after 3 rpm, the thrust disappears. Because this is the peak at which the maximum torque is reached. Off-road, the car shows excellent stability. The suspension doesn't rock it when driving over bumps. For a large family, this is a great option for a relatively inexpensive model.

Volkswagen Polo

Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

This is the case when the requests of the motorist do not fall below the European car, and there is only enough money for the Chinese. The German brand is known for its approach to the development of "people's" cars. Polo is the golden mean between expensive and quality brands.

The 1.4 MT Comfortline sedan will be equipped with a powerful and economical supercharged engine. At 5 rpm, it develops 000 hp and 125 Nm of torque. at 200 rpm. The price of such a car reaches 1400 thousand dollars.

KIA Ceed

Buy a car for $ 15: considering options

A beautiful and sleek hatchback is another option for a specified budget. This model has sporty characteristics. Its motor is 1,6 liters at 6 rpm. produces 300 horses. Stylish transport accelerates to 128 km / h. in 100 seconds. Average fuel consumption per 10,5 kilometers in mixed mode is 100 liters.

The South Korean car will already be equipped with disc brakes on all wheels. The driver assistance system includes: cruise control and an assistant at the start of the hill. For families with children under 14 years old, the manufacturer has taken care of the possibility of fixing child seats (LATCH). The rear doors are equipped with child locks. Thanks to such systems, the car is considered safe in the middle price segment.

And if someone thinks that this is an exorbitant cost for a vehicle, we suggest looking at really space cars price.



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