Cristiano Ronaldo received a new Gelendvagen as a gift

On February 5, one of the best football players on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrated his 35th birthday. On this significant day, the Portuguese received a "car" surprise from the bride - a new Mercedes-Benz G-Class, better known as Gelendvagen.

The product of the German car industry has expanded Cristiano's already extensive vehicle fleet. The new version of "Gelika" has retained the best from its predecessors. The car has remained the same square. Even the shape of the headlights and the radiator grille remained almost identical. You should not be surprised: the appearance of Gelendvagen has become the hallmark of the company, and no one will abandon it.

In the production of the car, the emphasis was placed on comfort: the model is equipped with heated seats, decorative leather upholstery, the Active Multicontour Seat package, which provides for efficient ventilation and heating of the passenger compartment.

Another feature of the car is the reduced level of vibration and noise. Even when driving off-road, the vehicle provides the driver and passengers with the highest level of comfort.

Cristiano Ronaldo received a new Gelendvagen as a gift

Under the hood there is a 4-liter V8 engine with a capacity of 422 horsepower. The maximum torque is 609 Nm. The engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive SUV.

The minimum cost of a car is 107 euros.

Well, it remains to wait for the moment when we will see Cristiano for the first time at the wheel of his new "iron horse".



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