Competition from Tesla


Another Tesla car assembly plant will appear in the center of the United States. We have already started looking for a suitable place. It will be called "Cybertruck Gigafactory" and will most likely be located on the eastern part of the coast. The company will manufacture the following cars: Cybertruck pickup and Model Y.

Competition by Ilona Maska

Given the success of Tesla's company, this is not just a statement, but a kind of competition in which representatives of several US states will compete. There are many who want to locate the future factory in their region. The winner, however, will be the state that has no logistical or labor issues. The main criterion for participants will be the ability to provide more benefits. For example, tax, etc. The so-called "stimulus package". Of no small importance is the increased interest of state residents in pickups.

Competition from Tesla

The Cybertruck concept was first presented to the general public in the fall of 2019. The launch of production is planned for 2021. The interior and exterior will still change. The original cost of the minimum configuration remained residual - $ 39. There are three pickup options. They differ among themselves by power plants, as well as maximum speed. It ranges from 900 to 177 km / h. The power reserve will also be different - 209-402 km.

Preliminary results of the competition

Competition from Tesla

In 2014, a similar competition from Tesla was already held. Then they chose the location for the construction of Tesla's second production facility in the USA. The first is located in California. Arizona, Texas, New Mexico were topping the list that year. The winner, however, was not the finalist at all. The state of Nevada offered the company the best package of conditions. Gigafactory 1 (Giga Nevada) is located there.

At the moment, there are already those who want to present their territory for the future grandiose construction. Among them: Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma. All are ready to allocate 40,4 hectares (100 acres) of land and provide incentives in the form of many green notes. From unofficial sources, it became known that Texas came out ahead in the race among the participants. In that region, small trucks are more popular than the competition.



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