Bentley Announces Imminent End Of Mulsanne Cars

The British automaker has announced that the 6.75 Edition of the Mulsanne will be its last. He will have no heirs.

The Mulsanne is the most British in the premium manufacturer's lineup. It is entirely produced in the United Kingdom.

The model is equipped not with a German W12 engine, but with a "native" eight-cylinder engine of 6,75 liters. It was put on another Bentley S2, which was produced in 1959. Of course, the engine was constantly improving, but it's still the same British product that the legendary cars were equipped with. In its current state, the unit has the following characteristics: 537 hp. and 1100 Nm.

Version 6.75 Edition is also special in that it is equipped with 5-spoke wheels with a diameter of 21 inches. They have a unique gloss black finish. The assembly of the latest cars from the series will be handled by the Mulliner studio. It is planned to release 30 copies. The cars will hit the market in spring 2020.

Bentley Announces Imminent End Of Mulsanne Cars

After that, the model will resign as the flagship of the brand. This status will be transferred to Flying Spur, which was introduced in the summer of 2019. Employees involved in the production of cars will not be laid off. They will be given other production tasks.

Although the manufacturer announced the complete withdrawal of the Mulsanne, there is hope that it will remain in the lineup. Bentley has announced plans to build its first electric car in 2025, and the Mulsanne is a great base to use. Yes, most likely, this car will not have anything to do with its original appearance, but a piece of Mulsanne may be able to be preserved.



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